A Dialect of Our Own Design

C9b18d9dff88a9dd2393364c2b3b21bd?s=47 Simon Collison
September 28, 2011

A Dialect of Our Own Design

Presented at Interlink, Vancouver, June 2011

A visual language informs all design, from architecture to print. Fluency in the same language drawn on by Bauhaus, mid-century Swiss, or postmodern design is essential for brilliant web design. In this practical talk, ground uniquely web-based interactions—from complex CSS3 animations and rotations to JavaScript behaviors—using that time-tested visual primer. Take a more considered approach to choices, evoke the desired emotive responses, learn how to better articulate your design decisions. Extend graphic design’s grammar into a visual dialect of web design that guides us to smarter, beautifully balanced juxtapositions of elements in our new, multidimensional web experiences.


Simon Collison

September 28, 2011