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Why React & Flux Rock?

Why React & Flux Rock?

This is a talk given to Taipei Javascript Enthusiasts meetup members on July 9, 2014, held in Mozilla Taipei Office.

Jeremy Lu

July 09, 2014

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  1. Why React & Flux Rock?

  2. Hi, I’m Jeremy Lu @thecat Founder and builder, Lovelyreader |

    Pubulous | Visualmarks | Docknote
  3. About React - Built by Facebook and Instagram - Battle-tested

    by millions of users around the world
  4. Key Highlights 1. Build Component, not template! 2. One-way Data

    Flow! 3. Virtual DOM
  5. 1. Build Component, not template 1. Build Component, not template!

    2. One-way Data Flow! 3. Virtual DOM
  6. Build Component, not template The Problems ! - Components are

    the right way to separate concerns - Not "templates" and "display logic" - Markup and the code that drives it are intimately tied together - Display logic is often very complex, using template languages to express it becomes cumbersome - Think: logic-less template like handlebar
  7. Build Component, not template The Solution ! - Generate markup

    directly from the JavaScript code - Can use expressive power of programming language to build UIs - JSX is the sugar coating (but not required)
  8. Build Component, not template JSX return <div>Hello {this.props.name}</div>; return React.DOM.div(null,

    "Hello ", this.props.name);
  9. Why component is good?

  10. It’s reusable - Stateless - Encapsulation - Configurability (pass in

    data and callbacks via props during invokation)
  11. <EditorCore isFocusEditor={item.focused} content={item.content ? item.content : 'default texts'} ! ref={item.uid}

    ! onChange={this.handleContentChange} onClick={this.onClick} onCursorActivity={this.handleCursorActivity} onToggleOutline={this.handleToggleOutline} 2 3 4 1 Sample React component
  12. It’s composable - Build many simple components that does one

    thing really well - Then compose them into a bigger functional unit - Which allows you to structure the application better with more flexibility
  13. Docknote

  14. Dissected

  15. Tree ToolBar <FileList> <Tree /> <BoolBar onAdd={this.add} /> </FileList> In

  16. Complete Life-Cycle Methods for fine-grained control of everything inside the

    component * componentWillMount() * shouldComponentUpdate() * render()
  17. Easy to Test - Each component is a unit -

    Components sync with system states - Testcases can easily mock different state and verify the view conforms
  18. Divide and Conquer - Everyone works on their own set

    of components - Components are fully decoupled - Components can be easily composed to provide bigger function later
  19. JSX is designer-friendly - They can contribute code too! -

    It really strikes a perfect balance between accessibility of templates and the power of JavaScript <Toolbar onAdd={this.add} />
  20. 2. One-way Data Flow 1. Build Component, not template! 2.

    One-way Data Flow! 3. Virtual DOM
  21. One-way Data Flow - Data changing in time is the

    root of all evils - Lot of errors occurred while handling state changes
  22. One-way Data Flow - What if we could just describe

    what the ui should look like at any point in time, and let view take care of updating itself?
  23. One-way Data Flow - That is how model and data

    binding work in React - Whenever model changes, component redraws itself * every redraw is like the first draw, only with different initial values
  24. One-way Data Flow - In short, you take care of

    the model, view will take care of the rest
  25. One-way Data Flow But redraw everytime is expensive, right?

  26. 3. Virtual DOM 1. Build Component, not template! 2. One-way

    Data Flow! 3. Virtual DOM
  27. Virtual DOM - High efficiency handling of diffing and batch

    updating DOM - Eliminating layout thrashing (read/write/read/ write...)
  28. Virtual DOM - No dirty checking on models needed, just

    redraw everytime - No more manual DOM manipulations, everything is declarative - Could be even faster with immutable model in place
  29. Virtual DOM - Native support for server pre-rendering - SEO

    friendly - Serving first page much faster (just like twitter and facebok)
  30. FLUX

  31. What’s Flux? - Not really a MVC framework, but a

    set of best practices
  32. Problems of MVC When it begins

  33. Problems of MVC Out of control and burnt

  34. Problems of MVC - When models and views grows complicated,

    application become messy and hard to maintain quickly - Difficult to debug - slow to add in new features
  35. Flux Workflow

  36. In Short - Flux handles data flow - React handles

    view update - Taking "Single source of truth" to the next level - by making the workflow uni-directional
  37. What’s missing? - Pick a router and you’re all set

    - Flatiron Director recommended
  38. Case Study

  39. Docknote - Notebook for developer - Creat technotes and share

    with colleagues easily - Web based, offline-support, code-friendly
  40. Docknote - First version written in Angular - 65% of

    the time spent figuring out and fighting the framework
  41. Docknote - Second version built with React/Flux, completed in two

    weeks - Only spent 1 hour learning the approach, then deep dive into building the product - Runs constantly at 60fps while supporting IE8
  42. Docknote [Shameless Plug] Looking for beta testers for interviewing, drop

    me a line if interested.
  43. Recap

  44. - No need to fight the framework - No black

    magic, no striking back - Smooth learning curve
  45. - Only two things to take care of - State

    - Component
  46. - A much simplified mindset goes a long way -

    Faster to develop - Less human errors - Unified development approach
  47. - Bringing cost down - Maintenance - Bug Fixing -

    Training (bringing newbie up real quick)
  48. - Even better when paired with - Browserify - Gulp

    - Node.js
  49. References - React introduction - http://goo.gl/7vbhI1 - Flux introduction -

    http://goo.gl/SZ10b2 - Single source of truth - http://goo.gl/FuwXv
  50. lead developer of angularjs

  51. Jeremy Lu | @thecat | jeremy@pubulous.com Questions?