Rancher's Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 〜Tested on k3s cluster〜

Rancher's Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 〜Tested on k3s cluster〜

Prometheus Tokyo Meetup #02



June 03, 2019


  1. Prometheus Tokyo Meetup #02 2019.6.3 © 2019 cyberblack28 RANCHER’S MULTI-TENANT

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  5. 1. What’s Rancher 2. Rancher Basic Monitoring 3. Multi-Tenant Prometheus

    Support Agenda

  7. What’s Rancher ? • Kubernetes management platform for building and

    operating Kubernetes cluster, importing existing Kubernetes cluster, regardless of cloud or on-premise and multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud • Application management with helm-based catalog function • Kubernetes management linked with OSS such as GitLab, Fluentd,etc... • Development is Rancher Labs(http://rancher.com/) • Open source software
  8. Whats’s Rancher Kubernetes Clusters Create Import EKS GKE AKS vSphere

    Bare Metal Create,Import,Manage Kubernetes Clusters !! Manage “Kubernetes Everywhere”
  9. What’s Rancher • Advanced Monitoring Main outline Monitoring of clusters,

    projects and k8s components is now supported through integration with Prometheus. • Multi-Cluster Apps By augmenting the functionality of Helm with Rancher's multi-cluster management capabilities, users are now able to seamlessly manage their applications across clusters. • Latest - v2.2.3 - rancher/rancher:latest • Stable - v2.2.3 - rancher/rancher:stable Version (2019/6) https://github.com/rancher/rancher/releases/tag/v2.2.0 Release Note Webinar http://bit.ly/rancher_webinar_22

  11. Rancher Basic Monitoring 1.Cluster

  12. Rancher Basic Monitoring 2.Nodes

  13. 3.Notifers Alert notification destination Rancher Basic Monitoring

  14. Rancher Basic Monitoring 4.Alerts Default Setting etcd kube components event

    node a.Cluster Alert Default
  15. Rancher Basic Monitoring Default Setting Workload Memory ※You need to

    enable Promethus features. b.Project Alert Default

  17. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support Monitor k3s cluster with Prometheus + Grafana

    from Rancher rancher-server Server Agent k3s-master k3s-node
  18. Lightweight Kubernetes Easy to install. A binary of less than

    40 MB. Only 512 MB of RAM required to run. $ curl -sfL https://get.k3s.io | sh – $ k3s kubectl get node Quick Start Minimum System Requirements Linux 3.10+ 512 MB of ram per server 75 MB of ram per node 200 MB of disk space x86_64, ARMv7, ARM64 https://k3s.io/
  19. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 1.k3s cluster are managed by Rancher. 2.「k3s-cluster」click

  20. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 3.Select upper menu “Tools”-”Monitoring” 4.Select “Enable”

  21. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 5.Click “Save” button

  22. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 6.Select upper menu “Cluster” & Make sure

    the graph redesign and the Grafana icon appear.
  23. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 7.Expand accordion menu You can check the

    detailed information by clicking the graph.
  24. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support 8.Click Grafana icon button

  25. • December 2018 Online Meetup Introducing Rancher's New Multi Tenant

    Prometheus Support Webinar • Rancher v2.2.0-Alpha3 Multi-Tenant Prometheus Supportについて Docs http://bit.ly/rancher_webinar_prometheus http://bit.ly/rancher_qiita_prometheus Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support
  26. Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support Let’s start Monitoring with Prometheus !!

  27. Thank you for your attention !!