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I *heart* PHP and...

I *heart* PHP and...

A quick safari through some of the different forms of PHP development. This month, we didn't dig deep into any one thing, but hopefully peaked an interest or two. See something you like? Prepare a lightning talk for your local PHP User Group! (Presented to Kansas City's PHP User Group - kcpug.org)

Daniel Holmes

October 04, 2013

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  1. I PHP and... a safari through a few forms of

    PHP KC PHP User Group October 2nd, 2013
  2. Why this talk? • Was requested ;-) • Very easy

    for devs to specialize / isolate • In PHP, there are SO MANY ways to do it • See something interesting? Do a talk on it!
  3. This is NOT ... • WordPress vs. Drupal • Zend

    Framework vs. Symfony • PHP vs. Ruby, Node.js, Scala, JS
  4. WordPress User-friendly CMS Blogs Images Custom Post Types Massive Themes

    and Plugin Community Great Local User group / Community http://codex.wordpress.org/
  5. For Developers Templates may be completely standalone or have “children”

    overriding parts of the parent Shortcodes offer “commands” that users can add to their content
  6. For Developers Features are hooked in with Filters and Actions

    Templates may be completely standalone or have “children” overriding parts of the parent Shortcodes offer “commands” that users can add to their content
  7. Drupal Becoming Application Framework Feature-rich CMS built on top Blocks,

    Content Types, Menus, Taxonomy Currently undergoing GREAT changes Symfony / Drupal 8 Also, amazing theme, module community Active Local User Group Community
  8. For Developers Command line tools - Drush Extensive use of

    Hooks and Callbacks Everything is a module - AND LOTS of them API is also very function based
  9. Ideas so far for future talks? Your favorite CMS plugins

    Writing a plugin in your favorite CMS Adding a Google map of your user’s cities? Your favorite CMS hosting provider and why Your CMS platform not represented? Show us!
  10. Micro Frameworks Silex - MVC on Symfony components Slim -

    Very stable, light, MVC Medoo - Tiny database framework For more ideas: MicroPHP Manifesto http://microphp.org/
  11. Framework talks are hard Frameworks usually have large startup costs

    People may get a little territorial Very difficult to show enough in 40 min Dev’s can’t just convert all their other projects
  12. Composer / Packagist { "require": { "monolog/monolog": "1.0.*" } }

    $ php composer.phar install $ composer update $ composer create-project slim/slim-skeleton [my-app-name] Or, if you are using a shell script...
  13. Specialty Development Phalcon - The PHP framework written in C

    HHVM / HipHop for PHP - Facebook’s VM Google App Engine for PHP
  14. QA Tools We did a talk on phpqatools.org and Jenkins

    But what about Behavioral Testing with Behat? Creating a simple Unit Testing playground with composer and phpunit How to get practice with Unit Testing or TDD?
  15. I PHP and Kansas City What are YOU doing with

    PHP in Kansas City? • A new site or application you want to show off? • A new tool you wrote that makes things easier. • Big or Small we all learn something when you present