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Supporting Digital Projects in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Supporting Digital Projects in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Talk given at the "Creating and Exploiting Digital Collections" seminar, run by NUI Galway Library (http://library.nuigalway.ie) on 28th July, 2014. Programme details are available at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/creating-and-exploiting-digital-collections-tickets-5180495000


Dave Kelly

July 31, 2014


  1. Supporting 
 Digital Projects" in the humanities and social sciences!

  2. David Kelly " Research Technologist" Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences"

    NUI Galway" david.d.kelly@nuigalway.ie"
  3. Introductions! Overview! Project themes & examples! Data-oriented! Challenges! Questions!  

      Web Interactive! Collections!
  4. None
  5. User Interface design! Visual design! Front-end web development! ! Web

    application / database development! Data oriented Collections Web Interactive
  6. Data oriented"

  7. Structuring Data Importing Data Enhancing Data Tool   development Exploratory

    visualisations Types of outputs h&ps://www.flickr.com/photos/usoceangov/8290528771  
  8. •  Data  structure   •  Merged  exisEng  data   with

     data  extracted   from  web  sources   •  Data  cleaning   •  Data  enhancement   through  geo-­‐coding   h&p://mapping.creaEve-­‐edge.eu   Pat  Collins,  James  Cunningham   Data oriented sample"
  9. None
  10. Collections"

  11. Catalogue or “database-style” applications and " Digital editions"

  12. h&p://ossianonline.org   Rebecca  Barr,  JusEn  Tonra   •  UI/Visual  Design

      •  Data  transformaEons  (TEI   XML  à  HTML  /  Plain  Text)   •  Novel  interfaces  &   interacEons  (annotaEon)   Collection Sample"
  13. h&p://ossianonline.org   Rebecca  Barr,  JusEn  Tonra  

  14. Web Interactives"

  15. Create explorable explanations" " Interactive visualisation of data to allow

    for user-driven exploration" " (vs. presenting a single view)"  *  h&ps://medium.com/@akarve/virtuoso-­‐data-­‐visualizaEon-­‐297cf7f858f6   *
  16. Display  the  high-­‐level   overview   Allow  user  to  

      explore  based  on   their  interests  
  17. Unpublished  interacEve  prototype  

  18. Unpublished  interacEve  prototype  

  19. Challenges"

  20. Maintenance & Preservation"

  21. Measurement &" Marketing"

  22. Publishing data, APIs, code"

  23. h&ps://twi&er.com/jakevdp/status/487329553417658368  

  24. Identifying potential linkages"

  25. Thank you" David Kelly" david.d.kelly@nuigalway.ie @davkell linkedin.com/in/davkell