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Plant Breeding Organizations

Plant Breeding Organizations

Deependra Dhakal

November 07, 2020

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  1. Plant Breeding Organizations Plant Breeding Organizations Deependra Dhakal Deependra Dhakal

    2019/04/04 (updated: 2020-10-11) 2019/04/04 (updated: 2020-10-11) 1 / 8 1 / 8
  2. National organizations related to crop improvement National organizations related to

    crop improvement 2 / 8 2 / 8
  3. National Agricultural Research Council 1. National Rice Research Program (NRRP):

    Hardinath, Dhanusa 2. National Wheat Research Program (NWRP): Bh airahawa, Rupendehi 3. National Maize Research Program (NMRP) Rampur, Chitwan 4. National Grain Legumes Research Program ( NGLRP) Rampur, Chitwan 5. National Oilseeds Research Program (NORP): Nawalpur, sarlahi 6. National Sugarcane Research Program (NSRP): Jitpur, Bara 6 . National Jute Research Program (NJRP): Itahari, Sunsari 7. Cotton Development Program : Khajura, Nepaljung 8. Coordinated Maize Program (CMO): Khumaltar, Lalitpur. 9. Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS): Rampur, Chitwan 3 / 8
  4. Objectives To conduct high level studies and researches on various

    aspects of agriculture To identify the existing problems in agriculture and find out measures to solve To assist His Majesty's Government in the formulation of agricultural policies and strategies Functions and Responsibilities Conduct high level research work on various fields of agriculture required in the line with the national agricultural policies, Prioritize studies and researches to be conducted, Provide research and consultancy services to its clients, Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the agriculture research activities in Nepal, Document research activities 4 / 8
  5. Mandates To conduct and/or let to conduct agricultural research, To

    determine priorities in studies and research related to agriculture, To provide consultant services and research support services to agricultural research, To coordinate, supervise, monitor, review and evaluate research activities related to agriculture in the country, To maintain/document up-to-date records of agricultural research, and To conduct and /or let to conduct other necessary activities related to agricultural research. 5 / 8
  6. Department of Agriculture Development 1. Division of Horticulture, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

    2. Division of vegetable, Khumaltar, Lalitpur 3. Horticulture Farm, Daman/Marpha/Solukhumbu/Sarlahi/Sindhuli/Dolkha/ Panchkhal/Godawari/Kirtipur/Trisuli/Mustang/Palpa/Jumla/Dailekh/Baitadi/Humla/Chitwan Department of Plant Resources 1. National Herbarium and Plant laboratory, Godawari, Lalitpur - leading role in conservation of medicinal plants 2. Herbal conservatory, Hetauda/ Daman/ Tistung, Makwanpur 6 / 8
  7. International organizations related to crop improvement International organizations related to

    crop improvement 7 / 8 7 / 8
  8. 1. IRRI ( International Rice Research Institute): Los Banos, Philippines

    2. CIMMYT ( International Centre for Maize and Wheat Improvement): el Baton, Mexico 3. CIAT ( International Centre for Tropical Agriculture): Palmira, Colombia 4. IITA ( International Institute of Tropical Agriculture): Ibadan, Nigeria 5. WARDA ( West African Rice Development Association): Monrovia, Liberia 6. CIP ( International Centre for Potato): Lima, Peru 7. ICRISAT ( International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) : Hyderabad, India 8. IBPGR (International Board for Plant Genetic Resources) : Rome, Italy. 9. ICARDA (International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas): Aleppo, Syria 8 / 8