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Introduction of DeepFlow, Inc.

Introduction of DeepFlow, Inc.


DeepFlow, Inc.

March 01, 2021

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  1. Make the Creative Leap. https://www.deepflow.co.jp/ info@deepflow.co.jp 1

  2. 2 DeepFlow, Inc. Inovating all design process. Faster Development Time

    You can speed up development time by quickly feeding back reliable simulation results to the design. Design Automation You can automate the optimization of designs using parametric studies that simulates various cases. Knowledge Systematization You can understand the phenomena in depth by analyzing the design and verification data. Design Improvement Simulation 1st Design New Design Visualization & Analysis MUGEN SHINDEN
  3. • Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology (JAMSTEC) •

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. • Tokyo Institute of Technology • Keio University • Nagoya University • M-Tec Co.,Ltd SUPER FORMULA | MUGEN 3 DeepFlow, Inc. Main Customers
  4. Elkurage supports the total design process. Elkurage, an ultra-large-scale numerical

    analysis system on the cloud developed by DeepFlow, Inc., changes the manufacturing industryʼs design process by analyzing large amounts of data at high speed. 4 DeepFlow, Inc. Product Kind Function Elkurage-Physics 3DCAE Ultra-fast multi-physics simulation Elkurage-Integration 1DCAE Optimization overall performance Elkurage-Workflow Workflow Design Process Improvement Elkurage-Notestock Database Researching Support DB
  5. Service Flow We provide full support to improve the efficiency

    of the design process. 5 DeepFlow, Inc. Problem Identification Operation System implementation Solution proposal Verification Cold draft in a room FSI (Fluid structure interaction) Electromagnetic Field Aeroacoustics
  6. Grant from Government Japan Selected IP Acceleration program MILESTONES Won

    1st prize venture program Incorporation 2018 Jul 2019 1DCE and 3DCAE for manufacturing industries Aug 2016 May Built an engineer team Sep Won 1st prize of startup incubator at UCSD Oct 2020 (Kyushu University) Jul Oct 6 DeepFlow, Inc. Selected Incubation Program at Workflow for computational fluid dynamics DB for laboratories