Embracing The New Hotness, Gently - 360iDev Denver, August 2016

Embracing The New Hotness, Gently - 360iDev Denver, August 2016

Your engineering team wants to dive deeply into the newest programming tool or next generation technology for a mission-critical project. How do you balance the promised rewards of a new language, software tool, or hardware technology with the risks of unstable software, hardware that does not work as promised, or new tools that are abandoned? In this session you’ll learn how to take new toys for a test drive without going all the way down the rabbit hole. You’ll learn how to select the best pieces of your app to work with a new technology—and when to simply rip off the Band-Aid and go all in on the new hotness. Finally, you’ll learn shares some of my biggest mistakes in adopting new tools and technologies, so you and your team can avoid the same problems.


Ellen Shapiro

August 22, 2016