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Localizing your app. Traps and pitfalls by Roman Imankulov

Localizing your app. Traps and pitfalls by Roman Imankulov

Localizing your app. Traps and pitfalls


August 08, 2019

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  1. Not touching the questions • How to seed translation files

    • How to extract strings from the code • How to work with translators • How to compile files • How to merge translations • etc…
  2. Order of words in a sentence _(“%s assigned %s tasks

    to %s”) _(“{user1} assigned {n} tasks to {user2}”)
  3. What can we realistically do? • Brace yourself and get

    ready for failures • Use linters, automated tests, etc • Explain to developers how different languages work • Explain to translators how localization in the app works • Make sure there’s a communication channel between developers and translators • Make sure there’s a feedback channel from users to translators and developers