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ExternalDNS on K8s with Exoscale

ExternalDNS on K8s with Exoscale


Dimitrij Klesev

July 10, 2019


  1. ExternalDNS on K8s How to sync Services and Ingresses with

    external DNS Providers (on Exoscale Cloud)
  2. Deployment Service LB/Ingress When we run apps on Kubernetes, we

    usually do this .. but when do we DNS?
  3. On simple setups we just use wildcards… like * Which

    just points to an IP (like But… If we use serviceType: LoadBalancer we get “random” IPs…
  4. and even multiple DNS providers (exoscale, rcode0, cloudflare…) If we

    use different levels (like *.dev..., *.staging…, *.erik…, *.dimis.special… a.s.o)… we have to manage them… and if we have backup clusters (AZ-BCK-B…a.s.o, or federations)… … we have FUN J
  5. Let’s talk about ExternalDNS Deployment Service LB/Ingress ExternalDNS to manage

    all the DNS related stuff, we simply add a “small” extrastep
  6. DEMO on

  7. Demo: Speakerdeck: GitHub: Exoscale: WhizUs:

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