Building an IoT platform with Go and Python

Ebe96461709771a430da9c7c58f9ae5f?s=47 David Majda
September 13, 2018

Building an IoT platform with Go and Python

Go and Python are very different languages, but do they complement each other? At Energomonitor, we think so, and we used both to build an IoT platform that processes and analyzes data from our devices in real-time. Where did we use Go? Where did we use Python? Why? What are the strong points of each language? And what are the weak ones? How do the ecosystems compare? And what about the daily operational experience? Finally, what would we do differently knowing what we know today? These are all questions I will attempt to answer, based on our multi-year experience.

Presented at Golang Prague #3.



David Majda

September 13, 2018