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Scaling community by webhooking the things

Scaling community by webhooking the things

Don't make your forum an island. This lightning-length presentation provides a look at the Algolia community tech stack and then two new open source projects spun out of building it.

Presented at Open Source Show & Tell 2017.


Josh Dzielak

June 09, 2017


  1. Josh Dzielak Scaling community by webhooking the things Developer Advocate,

    Algolia Open Source Show & Tell · June 9, 2017 · San Francisco @dzello dzello
  2. Developers hit walls. exception missing doc out of date unsupported

    bad use case
  3. Developers need to start conversations.

  4. Conversations at scale? Build a community.

  5. The owner-occupied community forum.

  6. https://discourse.algolia.com/ 512 topics 3,510+ posts Algolia Discourse activity as of

    June 2017
  7. Don’t make your forum an island

  8. Algolia Community Tech Stack

  9. None
  10. vue-keen-dashboards https://github.com/algolia/vue-keen-dashboards A secure, extensible dashboard for your Keen IO

    data built with Vue.js
  11. https://github.com/algolia/discourse-webhook-collector A set of webhooks for consuming activity from Discourse

    discourse-webhook-collector and doing all the things with it
  12. We’re hiring! Algolia Series B Cheese Plate algolia.com/careers

  13. Thank you! Questions? — josh@algolia.com