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How to measure developer love and reach

How to measure developer love and reach

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmB7gTaKYI8

Two things a developer relations program should understand are ‘How much do our developers like us?’ and ‘How many people are they telling about us?’ The answers shape the growth of our communities, but it’s not obvious how to put numbers to them. In this talk, I’ll share examples of how real companies use data to calculate the love & reach for their communities and use that data to prioritize DevRel efforts. Then I’ll describe how you can start doing the same today to win the hearts and minds of more developers! No expensive BI tools or data science required.


Josh Dzielak

July 07, 2020

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  1. @dzello · #DevRelCon How to measure developer Love and Reach

    with the Orbit Model @dzello · #DevRelCon Josh Dzielak · DevRelCon Earth · July 7, 2020
  2. @dzello · #DevRelCon I’m Josh Developer advocate Co-founder & CTO

    at Orbit He/him Formerly
  3. @dzello · #DevRelCon • Product based on the model •

    Community CRM for developers • Early access: orbit.love
  4. @dzello · #DevRelCon Orbit Model backstory November 2014 Keen IO

    2016 Algolia
  5. @dzello · #DevRelCon Orbit Model backstory 2018 DeveloperMode 2019 -

  6. @dzello · #DevRelCon How do I measure my community's engagement

    and growth? What contribution should I ask each community member to make? Which members should I prioritize spending time with? How much value are we creating for the community?
  7. @dzello · #DevRelCon Today’s agenda • Orbit Model overview •

    Love: Measuring engagement • Reach: Measuring influence • Discussion! (throughout)
  8. @dzello · #DevRelCon Orbit Model overview

  9. @dzello · #DevRelCon What is the Orbit Model? Space-themed mental

    model and visual canvas for building communities, born out of working with developers. A) A metaphor for community, in the way the funnel is a metaphor for marketing and sales. B)
  10. @dzello · #DevRelCon What is the Orbit Model? An open

    source project that you can contribute ideas, documentation, and experiences to. D) Vocabulary and set of metrics for measuring the impact and ROI of community. C) An algorithm for doing a bitwise OR operation E)
  11. @dzello · #DevRelCon What is the Orbit Model? D. An

    open source project C. Vocabulary and set of metrics ✅ A-D are correct! A. Mental model B. Metaphor for community
  12. @dzello · #DevRelCon Model objectives Member experience ⚡ Faster community

    activation Smoother onboarding Higher retention Team impact Metrics and reports Better team organization ⚙ Scalable programs
  13. @dzello · #DevRelCon

  14. @dzello · #DevRelCon

  15. @dzello · #DevRelCon

  16. @dzello · #DevRelCon

  17. @dzello · #DevRelCon

  18. @dzello · #DevRelCon Design and offer mutually beneficial opportunities to

    members that increase their love and reach. Can we hire you? Can we include your blog post in our newsletter? Do you want mentorship or training? Would you like some swag? Want to give a talk at our next event?
  19. @dzello · #DevRelCon Love: measuring engagement “Love is the currency

    that drives community.” —Erin Frey, Orbit community member
  20. @dzello · #DevRelCon ”Love is a member's level of engagement

    and investment in the community. Someone with high love is highly active and plays key roles in the community like contributing, moderating, and organizing.” —orbit-love/orbit-model on GitHub
  21. @dzello · #DevRelCon 5 Steps to Measuring Love 1. Define

    your activities 2. Give each activity a score 3. Record when activities happen 4. Assign love + orbit level 5. Generate reports and discuss
  22. @dzello · #DevRelCon 1. Define your activities What activities matter

    in your community? Activities are realized opportunities
  23. @dzello · #DevRelCon Need activities? The Orbit Model Airtable Templates

    has you covered http://template.orbit.love
  24. @dzello · #DevRelCon 2. Assign scores Give each activity a

    score from 1-10 based on how much engagement & responsibility it indicates. +1 point: Joined mailing list +10 points: Gave user conference keynote +6 points: ‍♂ Successful support interaction
  25. @dzello · #DevRelCon 3. Record activities

  26. @dzello · #DevRelCon 4. Assign love Easy way to calculate

    love: take the highest activity score in the last 6 months.
  27. @dzello · #DevRelCon 4. Assign orbit level Choose orbit level

    base on love + your other knowledge of the member.
  28. @dzello · #DevRelCon 5. Generate reports

  29. @dzello · #DevRelCon 5. Discuss Member experience Who are our

    highest-love developers? Who is ramping up? Who’s gone dormant? Do we have activities in place for members with each degree of love? Team impact How is love changing over time? What changes can we attribute to our work as a DevRel team? How does love compare across locations or customer segments?
  30. @dzello · #DevRelCon Reach: understanding influence ”Reach is a measure

    of a community member’s sphere of influence and takes into account their reputation, credibility, and degree of connectedness.” —orbit-love/orbit-model on GitHub
  31. @dzello · #DevRelCon 4 Steps to Measuring Reach 1. Define

    your signals 2. Give each signal a value 3. Record value for each member 4. Discuss
  32. @dzello · #DevRelCon 1. Define signals • Social media followers

    and engagement • Stars and followers on GitHub • Reputation scores on communities like StackOverflow • Title and position inside their company • Pagerank or estimated traffic to their website or blog
  33. @dzello · #DevRelCon 2. Give signals a value

  34. @dzello · #DevRelCon 3. Record member values

  35. @dzello · #DevRelCon 4. Discuss Member experience Who are our

    highest-reach developers? Do we have programs in place for members with each degree of reach? What are our member’s goals when it comes to increasing their reach? Team impact How is reach changing over time? What changes can we attribute to our work as a DevRel team? How is reach helping drive awareness? Referrals? Brand building?
  36. @dzello · #DevRelCon Thank you DevRelCon! Say hello: @dzello Learn

    more: https://orbit.love/