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From few to some to many — How to scale community support for APIs

From few to some to many — How to scale community support for APIs

The free tier of many APIs includes “community support”. What does that mean exactly? How involved does the company need to be for community support to be effective, and how should that evolve over time? Drawing on 4 years of experience building developer communities at Keen IO and Algolia, I will discuss the role that conversations plan in developer experience, and show how to create a community support program that gets people talking.


Josh Dzielak

May 22, 2017

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  1. Josh Dzielak From few to some to many — How

    to scale community support for APIs Developer Advocate, Algolia DevXCon · May 22, 2017 · San Francisco @dzello dzello
  2. Developers hit walls. exception missing doc out of date unsupported

    bad use case
  3. Developers need to start conversations.

  4. Conversations at scale? Build a community.

  5. What is delivered? Community Support What is promised?

  6. Good luck on the internet! Community support does not mean...

  7. Ask on StackOverflow Community support does not mean...

  8. API support is not just about programming.

  9. Hosting your own docs? Host your own conversations!

  10. The owner-occupied community forum.

  11. What happens in email support stays in email support. Which

    is bad.
  12. https://discourse.algolia.com/tags/wordpress 88 topics 400+ posts WordPress tag activity after 6

  13. What % of questions are answered by community members? Key

    API Community Support KPI
  14. Algolia Community Tech Stack

  15. None
  16. Crossing the API community support chasm few : many many

    : many
  17. To go from few : many to some : many

    ...start with your company.
  18. At Algolia, employees join the forum during onboarding. Meet our

    community! https://alg.li/intros
  19. Custom Discourse <> Slack integration

  20. Read event summaries! https://alg.li/events

  21. To go from some : many to many : many

    ...you’ll need to do outreach.
  22. Build an outreach toolkit. Templates “Can you help…”

  23. Search “jane portland javascript” Build an outreach toolkit.

  24. Incentives “Thank you!” Build an outreach toolkit. Get swag! https://alg.li/represent

  25. Right person Right time Right incentive Three keys to successful

  26. Josh Dzielak Thank you! Developer Advocate, Algolia DevXCon · 5/22/2017

    Questions? — josh@algolia.com @dzello dzello