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Welcome home! How the best projects lower the contribution barrier

Welcome home! How the best projects lower the contribution barrier

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYOJRG8pics

Josh Dzielak is a developer advocate and software engineer, and currently the cofounder and CTO of Orbit. Prior to Orbit, Josh led the developer relations team at Algolia and was the VP Engineering at Keen IO. It was there Josh started developing the Orbit Model, an alternative to the marketing funnel that works better for community and apoption. Community has played a major role in Josh's career, and he seeks to pay it forward by developing tools to help community-minded folks accomplish more & show the impact of their work.

Josh Dzielak

August 26, 2020

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  1. 1 #GitLabCommit Welcome Home! How the Best Projects Lower the

    Contribution Barrier 󰞛 Josh Dzielak · @dzello · Co-Founder & CTO · Orbit
  2. 5 #GitLabCommit “It can be intimidating to contribute to FOSS

    projects with so many unknowns: the tools, process, style, culture, and more. Not to mention sharing one's work with the world!” Google Open Source
  3. 6 #GitLabCommit “Developing and sustaining a healthy community of contributors

    is critical to scaling the project and growing the ecosystem. We need to ensure our contributors are happy and productive, and that there are not bottlenecks hindering the project...” Kubernetes Contributor Experience Special Interest Group https://github.com/kubernetes/community/tree/master/sig-contributor-experience
  4. 7 #GitLabCommit “My first contribution to open source was extremely

    small.” Kent C. Dodds Open Source Maintainer
  5. 8 #GitLabCommit “I think there's a barrier of entry, and

    I've been using this term called ‘Unintentional gatekeeping,"’ where if I happen to work on a team with the guy who started Node.js or started some other framework or a library, I have so much more information and an advantage because I happen to be in the right room at the right time.” Brian Douglas @bdougieyo
  6. 16 #GitLabCommit #GitLabCommit Making a great first impression #goodfirstissue http://goodfirstissue.dev/

    “We believe getting developers to fix super-easy issues removes the barrier for future contributions. This is why Good First Issue exists.”
  7. 17 #GitLabCommit #GitLabCommit Making a great first impression Open Sauced

    by Brian Douglas / @bdougieyo https://opensauced.pizza/ Bonus: Hear Brian speak about unintentional gatekeeping and more on Orbit’s new podcast Developer Love.