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Voice trends and search

Voice trends and search

A talk about the state of voice and how voice interfaces will impact search engines. Presented at Hackference 2016.

Josh Dzielak

October 21, 2016

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  1. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 Community Josh Dzielak Developer Advocate

    [email protected] @dzello Lightning talk: voice trends and search October 21, 2016 — #hackference
  2. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 35x VOICE SEARCH QUERY GROWTH

    Data from Google trends for searches likely to be voice commands (neat trick) Sorry Dads
  3. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 MOST CONSUMER VOICE ADOPTION IS

    RECENT And adoption is speeding up Shift to mobile encourages voice, typing is harder, mobile-first won’t need to learn touch typing source: survey by MindMeld, Dec. 2015
  4. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 VOICE ADOPTION DRIVEN BY HANDS-FREE

    & VISION-FREE INTERACTION Car & Home & VR/AR 12% adopt voice search to avoid confusing menus :)
  5. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 VOICE ADOPTION DRIVEN BY TECHNOLOGY

    IMPROVEMENTS source: 2016 KPCB Internet Trends Report
  6. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 ACCURACY IS IMPROVING FAST Oct.

    2016 Historic Achievement: Microsoft researchers reach human parity in conversational speech recognition Humans are 95-96% accurate Andrew Ng of Baidu believes 99% accuracy is the “game changer”
  7. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 voice query: “Show me all

    restaurants near the jewellery district in Birmingham” or on mobile: “Where’s a good place to eat around here?” • The words we type aren’t the same as the words we say. (questions, more stop words, politeness!) keyboard query: “restaurants jewellery district birmingham”
  8. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 • There are multiple ways

    to capture intent. (sensors, cameras, location, et. al.) voice query: intent = speech-to-text + tone + location + camera? + ??? keyboard query: intent = keywords + (maybe) personalization
  9. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 • Voice is conversational. (stateful,

    progressive) Voice query refinement Keyboard query refinement is there anything to eat around here I found 4 restaurants that match... who has the best thai food Top result does not fit your budget. fine then, the cheapest thai food?
  10. Community #hackference OCT 21 2016 Start hacking ! Amazon Alexa

    Oct. 2016: >1000 Skills (Amazon selling more Echoes than Kindles now) In-depth Alexa Tutorial