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The New Analytics - In The Cloud, Behind the API

Aee8ace6215b362ce4524bfdfc4a718c?s=47 Josh Dzielak
February 24, 2014

The New Analytics - In The Cloud, Behind the API

See with notes and context - https://keen.io/blog/77850411340/presenting-the-new-analytics-at-ibm-pulse

Abstract from the conference:
Keen IO tells their journey of creating APIs to enable custom analytics for web, mobile, and Internet of things companies around the world. They'll share their vision that APIs are enabling a powerful new class of connected applications and discuss how they've benefitted from hosting analytics in the cloud. You'll also learn their approach to meeting the challenges that many startups face: high growth, fragmented users, scaling the business, and demanding system responsiveness in an API world.


Josh Dzielak

February 24, 2014


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  2. © 2014 IBM Corporation The New Analytics: In the Cloud,

    Behind the API Josh Dzielak VP Engineering, Keen IO
  3. About me VP Engineering at @keen_io Josh Dzielak My interests:

    • Distributed Systems Engineering • Company Culture • Open Source
  4. Mobile is Exploding Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse Internet of

    Things is Exploding Connected Devices are Exploding
  5. These devices generate an unprecedented amount of data. Josh Dzielak

    Keen IO #devpulse Developers and manufacturers must capture and use this data to compete.
  6. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse Just one problem. Mobile developers

    and device manufacturers don’t have time to build Big Data.
  7. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse Big Data Requires… Backend Engineering

    Dedicated Ops Distributed Systems Engineers Multi-tenancy AKA a talented, expensive group of people doing very challenging work. High Availability Performance & Scale Having a world-class in-house big data team is not feasible for many companies. Ingestion Systems
  8. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse Cloud to the rescue!

  9. Josh Dzielak Keen IO Keen IO is analytics-in-the-cloud for web,

    mobile, and IoT developers. No Data Team assembly required! #devpulse
  10. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse The Keen IO API handles:

    •  High availability collection •  Storage & Scale •  Querying Customers focus on: • Answering questions • Building dashboards
  11. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse APIs Make It All Possible

    And fun! Lots of Documentation!
  12. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse APIs for KPIs The best

    KPIs are custom - unique not to the industry but the business itself.
  13. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse KPI APIs are flexible Keen

    IO uses JSON to allow fully custom data models Our JavaScript SDK helps developers make custom visualizations. KPI Reports are custom
  14. Josh Dzielak Keen IO #devpulse Analytics as a Startup What’s

    hard? Doing all of our own Ops Having to say “it’s on roadmap” What’s great? Get to use powerful emerging technologies Rapid prototyping and implementation
  15. Thanks! Questions? Email me at josh@keen.io

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