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The full-stack education paradoxon

Fcebe976d7c72e909e987826f4a07eb8?s=47 Hannes Moser
October 28, 2015

The full-stack education paradoxon

I am a young lecturer and passionate about teaching. At my university we have a department dedicated to web development. So I am lucky enough to teach something fancy and new every year but we still need to cover basics of computer science in our courses.

As web developers, we are not recognized for our scientific research but we are still the people pushing the web forward every day/week/month of the year. How do we fit into this classic science ecosystem and do we need the system at all?

Initiatives such as OTS, Rails Girls, nodeschool, Codeweek are quite good in getting people into programming and they are also more inclusive than classic institutions such as universities. So why does someone still think about attending a university? Does anyone really need to go there to learn tooling and programming?

In this talk I will take you on a journey on how my department evolved (now 6 years old) and what we did to address at least a dozen of issues we had with our department within this system.

Our goal is to teach people everything they need to become a Full-stack developer someday.

This covers the content of courses, increasing the diversity in classes, getting science and economy together, finding lecturers, translate theoretical computer science topics into something useful for web developers and so on…

You might have to laugh a lot during this talk but be prepared for the sad parts.


Hannes Moser

October 28, 2015


  1. THE

  2. None
  3. Brigitte Jellinek @bjelline Hannes Moser @eliias

  4. Austria

  5. None
  6. Web Development MultiMediaTechnology

  7. None
  8. University Of Applied Sciences Salzburg

  9. 60+ Lecturers

  10. 120Students

  11. 40Projects/year

  12. BACHELOR 3 years since 2008


  14. Algorithms and Datastructures Computer Graphis Networking C#

  15. Ruby On Rails ES 2015 Web Operations Frontend Development Node.js

    + npm Interaction Design Agile MV*
  16. Design Patterns Distributed Systems Software Project Management Writing Papers Concurrency

  17. MASTER
 2 years since 2011

  18. Level+

  19. Scalable Web Architectures Algorithms for
 the social web Semantic Web

    And Data Engineering Client-side web engineering
  20. Master Thesis Master Project

  21. Interdisciplinary Project MultiMediaArt MultiMediaTechnology +

  22. tuition* ~360€ / semster

  23. Community

  24. Mozilla Festival

  25. Salzburg Web Dev Meetup

  26. 2 talks, hosted by a local company 100% free to

    attend One event/month since July 2012
  27. None
  28. Three days of talks and workshops Up to 120 attendees

    100% free to attend Twice a year (October & March) since March 2011
  29. .concat()

  30. 50%+ female speakers ~30 diversity tickets Web Development Conference One

    day, two tracks sold out since March 2015
  31. None
  32. Do you work at a university?

  33. Let’s collaborate!

  34. HTW$Berlin FH$Salzburg

  35. Want to study web- development?

  36. Bachelor 3*Jahre ~40*Plätze Master 2*Jahre ~20*Plätze Abitur/Matura Apprenticeship Job Other*bachelor

    degree Job Job Dr./Ph.D
  37. Do you run a web company?

  38. Internships

  39. Have you ever thought about teaching?

  40. Do you have something interesting to talk about?

  41. Vision

  42. You should be able to study Web Development at a

    university near you If you are a student. Demand it! If you are a developer. Offer it! If you are in academia. Get over Java. Embrace the web!
  43. THANK YOU https://multimediatechnology.at