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Split teams differently by building CoP

September 24, 2019

Split teams differently by building CoP

Managers have the ability to split organizations into teams, programs and functions. This causes a deep level of ignorance, duplication of work, and less knowledge sharing or even worst. In this case, people feel they are working alone and not supported which is the main 'WHY' people left their job and start seeking for better scope.
In order to avoid all those problems, organizations are making new changes and ways of transformation to make their collaborators more fluid. That's why and how communities of practice are built. In fact, the main reason is to create a link between different people and connect them independently from which function and team they are working on.
Those communities offer multiple important advantages to members and to organization. In this talk, Emna will brings examples of community of practice development within the testing community. She will illustrate why communities of practice are an essential part of agile organization and what role they can perform in the short and long term. Also she will refer to the importance of gamification in building those communities and other helpful strategies to connect participants using different methods of fragmenting the organization such as spotify model.


September 24, 2019

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  1. • In Testing since graduation (2015) • Test Coach (2019)

    • Interested in games (Test, Agile) • Ministry of Testing Meetup Organizer in Sfax About Me @emna__ayadi
  2. @emna__ayadi 7 Definition « Group of people who share a

    concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly» Wenger & Trayner CoP Design CoP Security CoP Testing CoP AI
  3. @emna__ayadi 14 Tribe Tribe Tribe CoP (ex : Test activity)

    What ? How ? T T T T T T T T T PO PO PO PO PO PO PO PO PO Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad Chapter Chapter Idea : Emily Webber @ewebber
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  8. @emna__ayadi The Five Orders of Ignorance – « Phillip G.

    Armor »  Order Ignorance Lack of Ignorance  𝒔𝒔 Order Ignorance Lack of Knowledge  Order Ignorance Lack of Awareness  𝒓𝒓 Order Ignorance Lack of Process  Order Ignorance Meta Ignorance CoP 23
  9. “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to

    it.” Léo Buscaglia Photo : Pamela Tom 25 @emna__ayadi
  10. 31 Recommendations for your community @emna__ayadi Multiple locations Community Identity

    Meetups Schedule (Frequency) Members Identity Purpose Find right people Make fun
  11. @emna__ayadi 3 3 Photo : Castellers de Vilafranca « When

    two forces unite, their efficiency double » Isaac Newton « If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together » African Proverb @emna__ayadi
  12. 34 CoP dimensions - Help with challenges - Access to

    expertise - Confidence - Fun with colleagues - Meaningfull work - Personal development - Reputation and network - Professional identity - Marketability - Voice and influence - Problem solving - Time saving - Knowledge sharing - Synergies across units - Reuse of resources - Strategic capabilities - Keeping abreast - Innovation - Retention of talents - New strategies Members Organization
  13. @emna__ayadi 35  We should encourage them to make the

    change  We should have a sens to the community to make it run Remember « Not necessary » « I don’t want to be involved»
  14. @emna__ayadi 36 Training   Groups of 5-7 persons 

    Find a common interest  Merge your ideas