Digital Dissonance - Learning to Embrace Change and Enhance the Student Experience

Digital Dissonance - Learning to Embrace Change and Enhance the Student Experience

Presented at the Institute of Technology Sligo:

It's time to challenge conventional thinking on the future of higher education in terms of social media, digital transformation, and organisational change. At institutions that 'get' social media, there's a holistic approach to digital engagement that spans the entire organisation. For institutions without intentional and authentic digital leadership, the student experience is scattered and lacks direction. This runs counter to the expectations of students and 'digital champions.' In this session, I shared best practice examples of how an institution can truly get digital and provide an organisational push for ongoing digital transformation as it relates to teaching, learning, and student success. Learn how you can use social media to enhance the student experience as well as the latest ideas for encouraging your leaders to get digital.

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Eric Stoller

March 15, 2019