Business in Marriage: The Third Spouse

594642c6d8a7fa66c622e740496a0a32?s=47 Erik Reagan
October 06, 2014

Business in Marriage: The Third Spouse

This is the trimmed down slide deck from my talk at ExpressionEngine Conference 2014.


We love making things. That's why we go to conferences to learn about how we can make better things in better ways. Many of us love making things so much that it's what we spend the majority of our day doing. And if we're not careful, we spend the majority of our nights and weekends making things too. That's not inherently bad, but when you consider the fuller life that we're each living, there's a huge risk that we lose focus and perspective of what really matters to us.

This session will be incredibly honest and transparent. We'll talk about entrepreneurship and relationships. I'll share part of my wife and I's story. I'll also have some guests share their stories. We'll talk about marriages that have been strong, weak, or even failed due—in part—to the effects that running a business can have on owners and spouses. If you're married, or might one day be married, this session might just change your life. Or maybe the life of someone you know after you walk away with something that could help them.


Erik Reagan

October 06, 2014