The next generation of testing tools for exchanges

The next generation of testing tools for exchanges



March 24, 2015


  1. The Next Generation of Testing Tools for Exchanges Iosif Itkin

    Exactpro Systems 24 March 2015
  2. Test Tools Typology • Connectivity Testing • Test Automation •

    Load Testing 2
  3. Generic Test Tools • No Connectivity Layer • No Session

    Layer • No Framework for Messages 3
  4. Trading Test Tool 4

  5. Test Tools Evolution 5 Passive Testing – investigating the behavior

    of a system without affecting its operations Generic Trading +Passive
  6. Passive Testing 6

  7. Test Tools Evolution 7 Passive Testing – invaluable for Client

    onboarding and certification Generic Trading +Passive
  8. Ideal Passive Testing Tool 8

  9. Production Monitoring System 9

  10. Ideal Active Testing Tool 10

  11. Production Algo Trading Engine 11

  12. Test Tools Evolution 12 Testing at the Confluence of Functional

    and Non-Functional Generic Trading +Passive Production
  13. Test Tools Evolution Generic 13 Trading +Passive Production Mutated and

    Deformed Next Generation
  14. 14 Human Intelligence is Still Required

  15. Build Software to Test Software 15 ClearTH: • Post-Trade testing

    tool • Verifies each stage of the DLC • Integrated schedule • Automated matrices • Can create multiple days test scenarios • Concurrent multiple tests • Integrated simulators • SWIFT ISO protocol support Minirobots: • Executes multithreaded java code • Complexity of test algorithms is defined by the test developer • Supports multiple client fix connections, order entry and market data via FIX • Can use GUI to iterate through sent and received messages Dolphin: • Model-based testing of market surveillance systems • Production-scale capacity and throughput • Interactive real-time alerts and reports Shsha: • Post-transactional tool • Analyzes clients' activity and forecasts system response • Parses and displays logs in a user-friendly way • Parses messages and then puts each to a data base table where each column corresponds to each message field • Allows making summarized reports, etc • Easy to understand GUI Load Injector: • Simulates multiple client connections with a specified load shape for each connection or a group of connections • Up to 75K messages / second from a single CPU core • Measures latencies in microsecond range • Performance test reports Sailfish: • Can test Order Entry, Market Data and Post Trade connections in one test scenario • Each test scenario is independent • Allows running test scripts in any sequence • Simulation of multiple user connections • Server simulators • All messages are stored into a data base • Generates test reports
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