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Leveling up With Serverless

666890aad803b52b5428907196880758?s=47 Farrah
January 24, 2020

Leveling up With Serverless

Serverless is a relatively new & with that comes a new community & new opportunities. In this talk, you will learn how one woman is taking advantage of the new opportunities provided by the Serverless Ecosystem and has aligned her personal goals with business goals.



January 24, 2020

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  1. Leveling up with Serverless Farrah Campbell Ecosytems Director, Stackery @FarrahC32

  2. In the 80’s My introduction to computers was not like

    many of the stories I hear.
  3. Computers are cool

  4. None
  5. Illegal Operation?? What did I just do??

  6. None
  7. Trying to find balance…

  8. Lost Unhappy Negative Just Another Magic Monday!

  9. None
  10. HELP! I can’t get an interview

  11. Reminding myself…

  12. None
  13. Who is Cassandra & JSON?

  14. The

  15. Something is different about this community.

  16. I can be a part of this Hackathon? Acceptance! I

    was welcomed to this team and felt a part of. This had not happened before. In fact, I had been turned away at previous hackathons for not having experience. The Team Different individuals owned different parts of what we were building, It was a genuine team effort. Our Project We won the top prize for our Serverless Voice App.
  17. Can I serverless?

  18. Serverless is for everyone? What will this mean for me?

    If i do not need to understand Networking, Virtualization, Load Balancing, Runtimes, Application Integration, Data Management, Data Centers, Permissioning, Storage, Middleware, Hypervisors...
  19. Serverless is ...

  20. Serverless is a state of mind Serverless is about how

    you make decisions — not about your choices.
  21. Am I serverlessing? • Review Goals • Tend to my

    personal Technical Debt • Rethink, Reallocate, Rearchitect, and rethink again
  22. Let’s do this! Help me understand Git please.

  23. None
  24. What else can I build?

  25. Learing With the Ladies A/B Tests

  26. Did I just get this to work?

  27. Webhook Success!

  28. Can I build something from scratch? Introducing: Serverlessing.io Created By:

    Danielle & Farrah
  29. Creating Serverlessing.io

  30. Fail!

  31. Learing With the Ladies

  32. Googling Errors one by one..

  33. If you want to contribute

  34. Celebrating Success

  35. FarrahCampbell.com in the making.

  36. I can Serverless!

  37. Why am I excited?

  38. How can you use a Serverless Mindset?

  39. None
  40. Thank you. @FarrahC32 farrah@stackery.io https://github.com/stackery/wild-rydes-workshop https://github.com/stackery/wild-rydes-workshop serverlessing.io