FLOSSmole, FLOSShub and the SRDA repositories

FLOSSmole, FLOSShub and the SRDA repositories

FLOSSmole, FLOSShub and the Sourceforge Research Data Archive (SRDA) are repositories of papers and data describing how FLOSS is developed. Collectively these community resources store several terabytes of data, which includes both artifacts of the software creation process and metadata about the FLOSS projects and developers. This presentation describes a new collaborative project that will expand, enhance, and integrate these community resources serving the FLOSS research community. The project will capitalize on years of successful collaboration amongst the maintainers of the resources to become a new developmental framework for facilitating access to the massive amounts of data collected by many previously unconnected FLOSS research efforts. Goals also include development of tools to mine that data, an expanded papers repository, and a unified portal to promote collaboration. The presentation will describe the current metadata archives, architectures, and services, followed by planned integration and enhancements.