Cultural change? Fight Fire with Fire!

Cultural change? Fight Fire with Fire!

Most enterprises fail in their journey towards Agility. There are many reasons, but most fail because of the unbalanced focus on improving IT departments and changing the practices – e.g., implement Scrum, hire Scrum Masters, use Jira, create Backlogs, do Refinements, etc. In other words, we replace a traditional process by an “Agile process” without transforming the underling culture. Agility is about increasing our company’s ability to deliver high-quality business value in an ever-changing market. It is not about using Scrum, Kanban, doing pair-programming or implementing many of the other buzzwords. Let’s face it, without the cultural change: failure is guaranteed. So, stop trying! Or, join us and see how we can use processes and tools – that traditional organizations like so much - to actually drive the behavioral changes that promotes Organizational Agility.


Frederico Figueiredo

January 29, 2018