A whirlwind tour through Lingual: ANSI SQL for Apache Hadoop

6da3d4048a89eae74e790545d08ff687?s=47 André Kelpe
November 14, 2013

A whirlwind tour through Lingual: ANSI SQL for Apache Hadoop

Slides from my #devoxx 2013 talk about Cascading Lingual


André Kelpe

November 14, 2013


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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual A whirlwind tour through Lingual: ANSI SQL

    for Apache Hadoop André Kelpe concurrentinc.com
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Speaker André Kelpe Software Engineer at Concurrent

    The company behind Cascading and Lingual concurrentinc.com / @concurrent andre@concurrentinc.com @fs111
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Agenda Cascading and Lingual Lingual: design goals

    Lingual: features Demo: Lingual in action Q&A
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Cascading terminology Taps are sources and sinks

    for data Schemes represent the format of the data Pipes are connecting Taps
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Cascading terminology Tuples flow through Pipes Fields

    describe the Tuples Operations are executed on Tuples in TupleStreams Flows get scheduled and executed
  6. 8.

    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Scalding Scala DSL on top of Cascading

    Developed by twitter https://github.com/twitter/scalding/
  7. 9.

    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Cascalog Clojure DSL on top of Cascading

    Inspired by datalog https://github.com/nathanmarz/cascalog
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Lingual – design goals 1/3 Immediate Data

    Access SQL access via Shell or JDBC driver
  9. 12.

    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Lingual – design goals 2/3 Simplify SQL

    Migration move SQL workflows on your Hadoop Cluster via Cascading flows or JDBC driver
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Lingual – design goals 3/3 Simplify System

    & Data Integration Read and write from hdfs, jdbc, memcached, HBase, redshift...
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    @fs111 #DV13 #lingual Link collection http://www.cascading.org/lingual/ http://www.cascading.org/ http://docs.cascading.org/lingual/1.0/ https://github.com/Cascading/ http://concurrentinc.com

    https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lingual-user https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cascading-user http://docs.cascading.org/impatient/ https://github.com/Cascading/vagrant-cascading-hadoop-cluster