unRESTful Web Services with HTTP/2

unRESTful Web Services with HTTP/2

HTTP/2, the new version of the HTTP protocol, provides a lot of new features for server-to-server communication:

* bidirectional communication using push requests
* multiplexing within a single TCP connection
* long running connections
* stateful connections

HTTP/2 does not define a JavaScript API, so JavaScript clients running in a Web browser can make only limited use of the new capabilities. However, for server-to-server communication, HTTP/2 provides a lot of ways to go beyond existing REST APIs.

This talk shows HTTP/2's potential for new server-to-server APIs.


HTTP/2 client used in demos: https://github.com/fstab/h2c


Devoxx 2015, http://cfp.devoxx.be/2015/agenda/conf/friday


Fabian Stäber

November 13, 2015