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Upgrade to OAS: Why and How?

February 26, 2020

Upgrade to OAS: Why and How?

Upgrade to Oracle Analytics Server


February 26, 2020

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  1. Upgrade To OAS Why and How Francesco Tisiot Analytics Tech

    Lead - Rittman Mead @Ftisiot
  2. Verona, Italy http://ritt.md/ftisiot ft@rittmanmead.com @FTisiot Oracle ACE Director Francesco Tisiot

    Analytics Tech Lead
  3. Data Engineering Analytics Data Science www.rittmanmead.com info@rittmanmead.com @rittmanmead

  4. Where are You Now? @Ftisiot

  5. OAC 12C 11G 10G @Ftisiot

  6. What is OAS @Ftisiot

  7. Oracle Analytics Server Oracle Analytics Server Oracle Analytics Server @Ftisiot

  8. Oracle Analytics Product FaMILY @Ftisiot

  9. Oracle Analytics Cloud @Ftisiot

  10. Functions OAC supports Every type of analytics Classic Modern @Ftisiot

  11. Classic Enterprise BI •Similar to OBIEE 12c •Centrally maintained &

    governed •Semantic model •Interactive Dashboards •KPI measurement & monitoring •Guided navigation paths •BI Publisher •Highly formatted, burst outputs •Action Framework •Navigation actions •Scheduled agents @Ftisiot
  12. Modern Data Discovery •Data Preparation •Acquire data •Clean/Enrich •Transform •Repeatable

    Flows •Data Visualisation •Create visual insights rapidly •Construct narrated storyboards •Share findings @Ftisiot
  13. Unique Source of Truth Raw Data To Insights Specific Access

    Control Data Enrichment and Cleaning Unified Analytics Free Discovery Centralised Reporting https://speakerdeck.com/ftisiot/become-an-equilibrista-find-the-right-balance-in-the-analytics-tech-ecosystem @Ftisiot
  14. What’s New in OAS? Licensing Visualization Data Flows Settings Augmented

    Analytics Machine Learning @Ftisiot
  15. Licensing All Included! @Ftisiot

  16. Visualizations @Ftisiot

  17. Data Flows @Ftisiot

  18. Settings @Ftisiot

  19. Augmented Analytics Data Enrichment Suggestions Explain One-Click Advanced Analytics Natural

    Language Processing @Ftisiot
  20. Explain @Ftisiot

  21. Explain @Ftisiot

  22. Machine Learning @Ftisiot

  23. Compare - Classification @Ftisiot

  24. Use On the Fly or within a Dataflow @Ftisiot

  25. Why OAS @Ftisiot

  26. 3 Stay in My Datacenter 4 Full Control 5 Customisations

    2 New Features 1 Support @Ftisiot
  27. Limitations http://ritt.md/oas-limit Scorecard and Strategy Management Oracle Marketing Segmentation BI

    Scheduler Job Manager Act As Desupported and no longer available Deprecated Deprecated Deprecated BISQLGroupProvider Deprecated System Session Variables Deprecated STILL There! @Ftisiot
  28. Installation @Ftisiot

  29. OS Linux 6+ DB Oracle 11.2+ JDK 1.8 8u211+ Pre-Requisites

  30. Folder Structure home oracle product oas55 config domain bi ORACLE_HOME

    DOMAIN_HOME oas56 @Ftisiot
  31. 1 Jdk Installation 3 OAS 4 Create RCU 5 OAS

    Configuration 2 Fusion Middleware http://ritt.md/oas-inst @Ftisiot
  32. Upgrade @Ftisiot

  33. Upgrade Path OAS OBIEE In-Place < OBIEE Out

    of Place @Ftisiot
  34. Upgrade Path - 12c OAS OBIEE OBIEE @Ftisiot

  35. Upgrade Path - 11g OAS OBIEE OBIEE @Ftisiot

  36. Out of Place In - Place vs Keep Security Settings

    Keep Component Configurations Review and Redo Security Settings Redo Component Configurations Restart from Clean State Inherit old Installation Overwrite Existing Environment New Environment Built Alongside @Ftisiot
  37. In-Place Upgrade Backup Server Schemas @Ftisiot

  38. In-Place Upgrade 1 Upgrade Schemas 2 Backup mapViewerConfig.xml 3 Backup

    Domain 4 Reconfigure Domain 5 Upgrade Domain Components 6 Start Servers -readiness -readiness @Ftisiot
  39. In-Place - Post Upgrade Tasks 1 Internal SSL 2 Migrate

    Catalog Groups 3 HTML Markup @Ftisiot
  40. Out-of-Place 1 2 Create 11g Export Bundle 3 Import

    the Bundle in OAS @Ftisiot
  41. Out-of-Place - Post Upgrade Tasks 1 Configurations 2 Security 3

    Custom Images/Messages @Ftisiot
  42. OAS Known Bugs 2644363.1 2645310.1 After Upgrade To Oracle Analytics

    Server (OAS), Modifying System Settings Fails With "Property Update Failed Due To Unauthorized Access" After Snapshot (BAR) Import In Oracle Analytics Server (OAS), Data Flows Fail With '400 - Bad Request ..' Error Thanks to Joel Acha - Elffar Analytics @Ftisiot
  43. Testing Automated Testing Oracle Baseline Validation Tool (Not Supported) Rittman

    Mead Regression Testing Tool @Ftisiot
  44. Create Testing Suite @Ftisiot

  45. Remove Unused Content @Ftisiot

  46. User Tracking @Ftisiot

  47. Get Ready for the Upgrade Content Server Starting Point Path

  48. FREE OAS Assessment http://ritt.md/oas @Ftisiot

  49. OAS Upgrade Jump-Start @Ftisiot

  50. Upgrade To OAS Why and How Francesco Tisiot Analytics Tech

    Lead - Rittman Mead @Ftisiot