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Smart, Scalable Content Distribution @DevTalks Bucharest 2017

Smart, Scalable Content Distribution @DevTalks Bucharest 2017

Separating data from functionality is one of the tricks to speedier applications, since it allows accessing the right content at the right time. Partitioning data cleverly presents several challenges that I have overcome on several different projects, and it requires a combination of architecture, DevOps, development, and testing skills that is pretty unique. Unless you have such a Swiss Army knife on your team (and are not afraid of the bus factor), you’ll want to come listen to how I do it.

I share a solution to content snapshotting, distribution, and caching in a silo-based architecture involving tens of machines, walking you through the problems encountered and solutions I came up with. You’ll leave knowing how to automate content distribution on individual nodes and warm up caches, all while keeping your website permanently online.

Georgiana Gligor

June 08, 2017

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