Digging into the ATypI Archive

B43c22a07eccec875361bf66ad64b26c?s=47 Gerry Leonidas
October 12, 2012

Digging into the ATypI Archive

In 2006 the ATypI donated its historic archive to the University of Reading for safekeeping, and to enable research. Over the next few years the Archive was re-housed from the boxes it originally arrived in, and a first cataloguing was done. In 2011 funding was obtained to pay for a researcher to identify themes in the material, give an overview of the issues represented in the Archive, and catalogue in detail specific items of interest. Nearly three hundred items have been now catalogued, most representing the discussions within the Association at a time of rapid change in the typeface industry. Meeting minutes, notes, white papers, and correspondence give a valuable insight into the emerging models of work, and the gradual collapse of the older type manufacturers. This presentation introduces the Archive, describes its contents and the research project, and comment on the findings and their significance for both the Association and the type industry today.


Gerry Leonidas

October 12, 2012