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Introduction to CoderDojo

Introduction to CoderDojo

Basic slide deck about CoderDojo

The CoderDojo Foundation

December 04, 2013

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  1. CoderDojo, the volunteer led movement of free coding
    clubs for young people aged 7 to 17

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  2. Where it all started
    In June 2011 the first CoderDojo took place in
    County Cork, Ireland, ran by co-founders Bill Liao
    & James Whelton
    Demand was massive and the movement spread rapidly around the world
    from the West Coast of America to Japan and Australia!

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  3. So What is a Dojo?
    At Dojos young people learn how to hack, code, build
    websites, apps, games and more all in a fun, social and
    collaborative environment all for free!
    Children are mentored by volunteers passionate about
    children being given the opportunity to learn code.
    Emphasis is put on peer to peer mentoring & open source.

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  4. Why CoderDojo?
    Industry Globally there is a massive shortage of programmers to fill thousands of vacant
    jobs. This issue affects every industry because technology is transforming how
    every industry communicates & collaborates.
    Education Currently Code education is not readily accessible for children. Learning code
    also teaches creative and logical problem solving skills to young people skills
    necessary for the 21st Century!
    Society Theres a major gender imbalance within the technology sector but also a lack
    of community, recognition & platform for young coders. CoderDojo turns
    coding into a social hobby for young people!

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  5. Get involved you Local Dojo!

    Volunteer at
    Your Local Dojo
    Start A Dojo
    Partner with
    Your Local Dojo
    Find your Dojo at .com/find
    Learn how to start a Dojo at .com/start

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  6. CoderDojo
    Hello World Foundation
    Get in touch
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    To support you local Dojo please contact them directly
    For international partnerships & other requests please contact
    the Hello World Foundation

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