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Coolest Projects

Coolest Projects

The CoderDojo Foundation

March 12, 2014

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  1. C O D E R D O J O C

    O O L E S T P R O J E C T S A WA R D S 7 T H J U N E 2 0 1 4 T H E H E L I X , D C U
  2. W H AT I S T H E C O

    O L E S T P R O J E C T S A WA R D S • CoderDojo’s annual showcase of the amazing projects members are developing. • Celebrates creativity in tech above all other criteria • Drives confidence • Inspires the innovators of the future • Creates future tech leaders
  3. O U R C O O L E S T

    P R O J E C T S H E R O E S
  4. C AT R I N A’ S P I A

    N O R O C K S TA R • Catrina created a website to teach Piano, Drums and Guitar • There was lots of fun in creating this project • This project became a GCSE programming course • IT rocked
  5. N I A M H ’ S L E A

    R N T O C O D E • Niamh created a website to teach CoderDojo to those who could not attend • Project became www.learntocode.eu • Used during Code EU week • Taught others programming CoderDojo Style • Inspired 100’s of European developers • Recognised by the European Commission
  6. C H R I S A N D C H

    L O E T H E O R E M S • Chris and Chloe developed an app to help teach maths on the move. • Created after only 3 months at CoderDojo • Suitable for Junior and Leaving Cert • Cool Maths Solution
  7. J A K E I R I S H I

    S E A S Y • Jake developed app to help teach others Irish • Created user friendly and fun app • Launched on Android Play store • iarratas fionnuar!
  8. D O Y O U WA N T T O

    H E L P C H A N G E I R E L A N D ’ S T E C H L A N D S C A P E ?
  9. WA N T T O G E T I N

    V O LV E D ? • To help drive these innovators forward • Positively impact the lives 100’s of CoderDojo members • Help drive Ireland’s tech revolution • Supporter donations up to 750 Euro • Banner welcomes • Added to supporters on coolestprojects.org • Media coverage
  10. C O O L E S T P R O

    J E C T S 2 0 1 4 • 150+ Cool Projects • An international awards ceremony • 600+ Attendees • 2 days of inspiration from Ireland’s CoderDojo generation
  11. G E T I N T O U C H

    C O D E R D O J O C O O L E S T P R O J E C T S A WA R D S 2 0 1 4 To get involved and confirm your sponsorship email [email protected] All sponsors must confirm their sponsorship by 9th May 2014 The The Website: http://coolestprojects.org Twitter: @coolestprojects