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The Future of Design is Still Personal: Reaching Toward True Adaptation

Liam 🌼
April 25, 2022

The Future of Design is Still Personal: Reaching Toward True Adaptation

This deck is based on an essay at https://www.iamli.am/blog/future-of-interface — please read the essay for context and details :)

The discipline of design has historically produced fixed products. Even the term "product" implies the end of a process, or something that is completed and typically unchanging. But we know that the intent of the designer and of the person experiencing the design are engaged in an ongoing conversation. Digital products have drastically increased the pace of that conversation, introducing faster iteration, new modes of interaction, and – importantly – space to imagine a future in which a person's intent directly defines their experience of digital interfaces. This essay connects historic conceptions of interface and adaptable design with contemporary developments and visions, looking toward a truly adaptive future that transforms “users” into individual creators by directly enabling the expression of their intent.

Liam 🌼

April 25, 2022


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  11. “You don’t square up to every weed in this field

    with a righteous fight; you change something in the soil.” —Keller Easterling, Author, Extrastatecraft
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  40. “My first reaction was like- like, ‘No, I would never

    wear that,’ but my second reaction was like, ‘But hey, what if? … How would I feel if I would go out into the open with this weird clothing that I'm wearing in my digital life?’ All of the sudden, I started becoming much more open to things that I was not necessarily open to before.” —Kerry Murphy, The Fabricant Design Notes 37
  41. “corporations who simply saw Second Life as ‘interactive’ misrecognized interactivity

    for creation: the cultural logic in play was not that residents interacted with a commodity and its producer, but that they literally produced what they consumed through self-actualizing acts of creation.” —Tom Boellstorff Coming of Age in Second Life
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  43. INFORMATION What is the meaning of this object? What does

    it enable or afford? What is going to happen if this object is activated (for the interface; for the user)? ACTION
  44. Droidcon NYC 2017, Elevated UX

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  47. “It’s such a privilege to get to make the interface

    for the world, You’re deciding when someone should turn the page, how heavy their phone is that they pick up every day, whether they need to swipe to get more information or can have it right on the screen. All of those things are ways that you’re actually changing someone’s experience of their life through design. And I don’t think there could be a more transformative discipline than that.” —Rob Giampietro, Google Design Notes 25
  48. Design is transformative.

  49. The future of design is personal.

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