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Working in the real world

9aa8bb16c19a4f40d3bd21111eb30c14?s=47 Si Wilson
February 13, 2014

Working in the real world

The base presentation I am using at the mo on my "education tour". It should hopefully tell the story without my waffle on top. :-)

I wrote a quick blog post to accompany this, which you can find here: http://ermlikeyeah.ghost.io/my-spring-2014-student-deck/


Si Wilson

February 13, 2014


  1. Working in the real world.

  2. Act 1.

  3. An introduction.

  4. Si Wilson Interactive Creative Director HOME

  5. Home An integrated communications agency.

  6. What is an “agency”? A collection of people who work

    with clients, usually to promote a product or service through communications.
  7. Insights & Planning Media & Connections Analytics Visual and interaction

    design Writing Technology Digital (production) studio Client services Platforms Campaigns Digital advertising Brand development Relationships/connections
  8. What is “integrated”? That collection of people have different specialist

    skills which they use collectively to make “things” that sit wherever relevant in the world.
  9. More on “integrated”. The word “integrated” automatically suggests there is

    some sort of divide or divisions. Agencies sell specialisms. That means some are selective about the work they could do.
  10. Specialisms (A popular sample) Branding Advertising Direct marketing Public relations

    Search engine optimisation Web design
  11. “Integration” is being able to do just about everything.

  12. “Integration” is also about understanding the modern world.

  13. “Digital” vs “Non-digital”

  14. “Digital” vs “Non-digital” BULLSHIT

  15. “Digital” vs “The real world”

  16. “Digital” vs “The real world” BULLSHIT

  17. Digital is part of the modern world

  18. The modern world is complex

  19. Ergo the real world is complex?

  20. Why should the world be complex?

  21. Take the complex and make it simple

  22. Make things that have a reason to exist

  23. No reason to exist? Who will engage?

  24. My role Interactive creative director

  25. My role I am focused on thinking up and making

    things that people interact with.
  26. My role I want to understand people and what they

    want - and give them something they find engaging, simple, and even elegant.
  27. My role I am concerned with anything and everything that

    elevates where I work and its output - and that includes the people.
  28. My role Vision, strategy, people, and projects.

  29. That is my job.

  30. Act 2.

  31. How did I get started?

  32. 1998

  33. Leaving uni. What can I do?

  34. NO IDEA.

  35. “What the fuck will reading philosophy and literature get you

    in life?” My dad, 1996
  36. Going to university was “a time for discovery”.

  37. The Internet.

  38. None
  39. IMDB.

  40. Geocities.

  41. None
  42. HTML.

  43. FTP.

  44. 16 years ago.

  45. NO IDEA.

  46. April 1998 Job advert sportinglife.com Junior developer

  47. HTML + FTP + Geocities = Job win!

  48. 1. Hack / innovate 2. Knew my strengths 3. Could

    show my work 4. Enthusiastic - about job 5. Enthusiastic - about sport 6. Enthusiastic - about life 7. Genuine
  49. Act 3.

  50. What are you good at? Even if it is one

  51. How do you know you are “good”? Who says? Compared

    to who? Your mates? Your class? People your age? The world?
  52. And can you demonstrate it? Experience. Your stuff out there.

    Cargo. Github.
  53. What are the things you could be be better at,

    become good at? Know where you want to go.
  54. Act 4.

  55. Meet and talk to other people.

  56. Try and get some time in a business you like

    the look of.
  57. Mingle. Hustle. Discuss thoughts. Share ideas. Socialise. Get involved!

  58. Leeds holds a great number of events, some are free,

    many are top drawer.
  59. Leeds Met Rose Bowl. LsX. Forefront Leeds. Creative Networks. NUX.

    LeedsPHP. Leeds Data Thing. DigitaLeeds.
  60. Eventbrite. Look up Leeds. Simple.

  61. Act 5.

  62. Employability pro tips.

  63. Be honest. 1

  64. Know what you’re good at (and bad). 2

  65. Always be curious; try new stuff. 3

  66. Don’t rest on your laurels. 4

  67. Make at least one list. 5

  68. Do and try things with other people. 6

  69. A musical interlude. …

  70. Be prepared to work “your way up”. 7

  71. Make sure you are happy. 8

  72. Make sure you are happy. ∞

  73. Thanks! HOME

  74. Twitter: @IdleSi http://flavors.me/idlesi HOME