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Growth of a woman community In Japan

October 01, 2017

Growth of a woman community In Japan

JavaOne 2017 WIT Lightening Session


October 01, 2017

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    OUR STRUGGLE Oct. 1 JavaOne 2017 WIT Lightening Session Ayana Yokota
  2. #javajo / #CON7379 Let’s tweet! like Japanese :)

  3. #javajo / #CON7379 Anything you like… Let’s tweet! like Japanese

    :) photos What an audience thinks What happen What a speaker say
  4. Ayana Yokota @ihcomega Javajo Leader JJUG board member Software Developer

    @ FOLIO Co.,Ltd. About 5 years experience in Java (Now mainly using Scala) Who am I ? #javajo / #CON7379
  5. Today’s topic 4 years’ tracks of a women’s community in

    Japan. Demonstrate how the community and I have changed drastically by interacting with a wide variety of people #javajo / #CON7379
  6. A community for all women related to Java Established in

    Jan. 2014 More than 500 members Three bases in Japan What is Javajo? #javajo / #CON7379
  7. “Javajo” is an abbreviation of Java Joshibu Java ঁࢠ෦ ঁࢠmeans

    women Registered as an official JUG with this name Hope Javajo will be a global word Why called ”Javajo”? #javajo / #CON7379
  8. To build women’s network To increase women who share their

    technical views and opinions Goals of Javajo #javajo / #CON7379
  9. ALL INDUSTRIES female 47% male 53% INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY female 24%

    male 76% (2015) Current situation in the U.S. #javajo / #CON7379
  10. ALL INDUSTRIES female 44% male 56% INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY female 13%

    male 87% Current situation in Japan (2015) #javajo / #CON7379
  11. Develop diversity in the IT industry Support of women is

    necessary Increase women participation Empower women #javajo / #CON7379
  12. THE NUMBER OF MEMBERS 0 150 300 450 600 2014

    2015 2016 2017 Growth of Javajo #javajo / #CON7379
  13. 0 150 300 450 600 2014 2015 2016 2017 Steady,

    but not easy Growth of Javajo #javajo / #CON7379
  14. 1st Challenge: Find attendees….!

  15. Back in 2014… Hard to find even 10 members #javajo

    / #CON7379
  16. 1st Challenge: What we have tried

  17. Ask for support from experts and JUGs Many Java experts

    help our events as a speaker The experts and other JUGs advertise Javajo #javajo / #CON7379
  18. Meet many women Take part in other women communities Make

    our community as inclusive as possible #javajo / #CON7379
  19. Approach various people Git, Gradle, JUnit, Spock, DDD, Elasticsearch, Machine

    learning, IoT, cloud Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Python JavaScript Java EE, Spring women’s career Hold various events Grammar, JVM, JCP Java frameworks career other langs other technologies presentation other party trip fun #javajo / #CON7379
  20. 1st Challenge: As a result…

  21. Found many friends! #javajo / #CON7379

  22. Found many friends! MISSION COMPLETED #javajo / #CON7379

  23. 2nd Challenge: Organization management

  24. After getting more and more attendees... Too many tasks Monthly

    meet-up + irregular events Decide a theme Arrange a place for meeting Invite a speaker, or prepare a presentation Dispatch info to SNS Operating procedures Order Javajo goods Respond inquiries Hold meetings #javajo / #CON7379
  25. 2nd Challenge: What we have tried

  26. Two heads are better than one Gather knowledges Adopt new

    tools and methods Enable tasks to be done online #javajo / #CON7379
  27. 2nd Challenge: As a result...

  28. Now we can manage only with 5 members! MISSION COMPLETED

    #javajo / #CON7379
  29. 3rd Challenge: Keep trying new things!

  30. We don’t want to stay still After 4 years… Now

    comfortable with managing the community Not the end of the story! #javajo / #CON7379
  31. 3rd Challenge: What we have tried

  32. Events for kids Taught the basics children interested in programming

    Pair work with their parents #javajo / #CON7379
  33. Act globally Java Day Tokyo brought wonderful encounters #javajo /

  34. Act globally Global JUG leaders told us what we can

    do #javajo / #CON7379
  35. 3rd Challenge: And now...

  36. The future of Javajo - More international! Hold events with

    other communities outside Japan Attend global conferences Take part in the JCP #javajo / #CON7379
  37. Final message to the audience

  38. Thank you for listening :) We are attending JavaOne from

    Javajo! Let’s talk :)