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Ruby Together (RailsConf 2015)

Ruby Together (RailsConf 2015)

Ruby Together is the Ruby programming language trade association. It funds maintenance and development on Ruby open source tools like Bundler and RubyGems.org using funds from developers and companies that use Ruby.

André Arko

April 22, 2015

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  1. Ruby Infrastructure

  2. None
  3. maintained it has to be

  4. do you maintain it?

  5. well, we do.

  6. ruby together

  7. board @tenderlove @sarahmei @steveklabnik @hone02 @randommood @watsonian

  8. team (so far) @indirect @dwradcliffe

  9. projects (so far) bundler rubygems.org rubybench.org

  10. plans new index for rubygems local gem mirrors security maintenance

    lots, lots more…
  11. improve your ruby tools

  12. join today! rubytogether.org/join

  13. join today! rubytogether.org/join (also, I have stickers for everyone)