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Dynamic evaluation - David Lane

Dynamic evaluation - David Lane

David Lane's speech about Dynamic evaluation. Euclid Network
annual conference.


Insite Project

October 07, 2012


  1. Dynamic Evaluation

  2. Our existential dilemma • “Men make their own history, but

    they cannot do it just as they please.” – Path dependence – Emergence and ontological uncertainty change process as cascade of transformations • The will for the illusion of control – Policy as plan top-down coherence, prospective coherence – Evaluation as accounting control • An alternative – Policy as experiment distributed initiation and coordination, retrospective sense-making – Evaluation as feedback
  3. Dynamic evaluation: principles • Impact is immanent in process itself

    – evaluation must make it explicit (representation and communication) • Athenian condition • Dynamically obtaining and sharing information about – Entities (agents, artifacts), interaction modalities – Attributions of value and identity – Events – Narratives • Evaluation integrated into process whereby participants decide how they want to act engaged research/social innovation inextricably linked
  4. Dynamic evaluation: methodologies • Elicitation • Mapping agent-artifact space •

    Measuring generative potential – Aligned directedness – Heterogeneity attributional, positional, competence – Mutual directedness – Permissions – Action opportunities • Structuring deliberation processes • Framing narratives
  5. Dynamic evaluation: tools • Archive and database • Storyboard •

    Network analysis • ICT-enabled deliberation process