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Namrata Mehta – The Dual Opportunity of UX in India

June 11, 2018

Namrata Mehta – The Dual Opportunity of UX in India


June 11, 2018

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  1. 600+ Cities 65 Countries 6 Continents 4 B Rides 2017

    75 M Monthly Active Riders 3 M Active Drivers Globally
  2. Global Research 1. Local teams in four global regions 1.

    Embedded in prioritized product teams 1. Conducting foundational research for big bold bets 1. Developing design principles for regional variations 1. Building local products that scale
  3. 1. Reinventing the Wheel? 2. Working with the Real Ethnographers

    3. Working out Loud? 4. Quick turnaround - fast return
  4. 1. The opening up of government 2. The private pursuit

    of public innovation a. Collaborate b. Persist c. Scale i. Reinventing the Wheel? ii. Facilitating the Real Ethnographers iii. Working out Loud! iv. Quick turnaround - fast return