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iPad and Apple TV for Patients: Deep Dive with UC San Diego Health

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October 25, 2018

iPad and Apple TV for Patients: Deep Dive with UC San Diego Health

Presentation from JNUC 2018, the world's largest rally of Apple IT administrators.

iPad and Apple TV for Patients: Deep Dive with UC San Diego Health

Presented by:
Eric Boyd, UCSD
Tim Knox, Jamf
Christopher Ball, Jamf

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October 25, 2018


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  2. © JAMF Software, LLC Eric Boyd Enterprise Architect, Apple Platforms

    UC San Diego Health Chris Ball Professional Services Engineer Jamf Tim Knox Systems Engineer Jamf
  3. © JAMF Software, LLC iPad and Apple TV for Patients:

    Deep Dive with UC San Diego Health Presentation agenda: Overview of apps Changes in Healthcare UCSD use case
  4. © JAMF Software, LLC Setup Reset

  5. © JAMF Software, LLC Common Provisioning Milestones Setup Assign Configure

  6. © JAMF Software, LLC Setup • Automated MDM Enrollment required

    • Non-PHI or PII data on device • Common shared tasks are most useful
  7. © JAMF Software, LLC Configure • One Smart Group per

    use case • Global setting for HomeScreen Layout • Optional: set wallpaper
  8. © JAMF Software, LLC Reset • Back to square one

    • Protect PII and PHI • Works along side Healthcare Listener • No cart, no IT
  9. © JAMF Software, LLC Simplified reset workflow Patient initiated wipe

    No cart or IT interaction required Jamf Reset in Healthcare
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  12. © JAMF Software, LLC Shared device for nurses Patient-selected configuration

    No cart or login required Easy IT deployment Jamf Setup in Healthcare
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  14. Shared Device, Reset Initial Configuration Tier Zero Troubleshooting Multi-Persona Shared

    Device, No Reset
  15. © JAMF Software, LLC Customize the apps • •

    Highly customizable experiences • No wrappers, apple native, appconfig is key
  16. © JAMF Software, LLC iPads at the bedside results •

    With our initial 245 iPads, we averaged 1.4k wipes each month • Patients that activate their Bedside iPads are 30% more likely to access their digital patient record either in the hospital or at home
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  18. © JAMF Software, LLC Healthcare Listener wipes April - May

    May - June June - July July - August August - Sept 0 525 1050 1575 2100
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    Setup + Healthcare Listener • Floater devices in PACU - Reset • Outpatient Pavilion - Reset
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