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The Emergence of ChatOps

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July 08, 2015

The Emergence of ChatOps

Against the speed, complexity, and scope of our modern work, email is no longer up to the task. Understanding what needs to be accomplished, sync'ing with your team, and finding the right information in email is no longer inefficient.
Today's modern world requires a synchronous approach to communication, collaboration, and tasks.
Because of this, a shift is occurring in businesses to move conversations (and actions) to chat ... bringing the rise of ChatOps within bot technical and non-technical teams around the world.



July 08, 2015


  1. The emergence of ChatOps @jasonhand VictorOps

  2. 28% managing e-mail ( 22.4 hours each week ) (Source:

    McKinsey Global Institute) http://jhand.co/McKinseyGlobal
  3. 20% looking for information or tracking down colleagues who can

    help with specific tasks (Source: McKinsey Global Institute) http://jhand.co/McKinseyGlobal
  4. Productivity increases 20-25% through synchronous communication & collaboration technologies (Source:

    McKinsey Global Institute) http://jhand.co/McKinseyGlobal
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  7. Inbox

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  11. Core Benefits of #ChatOps • Learning • Sharing

  12. Core Benefits of #ChatOps • Speed • Security

  13. Core Benefits of #ChatOps • Brainstorming • Fun

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  15. Direct message vs Group chat 6/7-6/14 -- 91% of messages

    were DM (°□° 
  16. Buckets of conversations DevOps teaches us to knock down silos

  17. C.A.M.S. devops adoption Culture Automation Measurement Sharing

  18. None
  19. Increased efficiencies in: Capabilities Communication Collaboration Coordination Contribution Confidence Context

    Change Control Compliance
  20. @jasonhand @victorops ChatOps jhand.co/ChatOpsForDummies