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Summer 2012 Anime Season Statistics Slideshow

Summer 2012 Anime Season Statistics Slideshow

I created this for statistical and referential purposes. Probably the first Anime-centric Speaker Deck slideshow.

Jay Agonoy

June 29, 2012

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  1. At a glance • 24 animation studios have done their

    work / are working for this season’s anime series. • There are 33 anime series this season, 26 of them are new series. • There are 10 TV networks (and 1 web channel) that will participate spreading anime throughout Japan. • 71++ notable seiyuus have roles in different anime this season.
  2. Genres Genres Covered in the Summer 2012 Anime Season [1]

    Action History Fantasy Sci-fi Drama Slice-of-Life Romance Comedy School Life Supernatural
  3. Genres • Fantasy and Comedy are the ruling genres, followed

    by Romance (9), Action (8), History (4), Sci-fi (4), Drama (3), School Life (3), Supernatural (3), Adventure (2), Slice-of-Life (1) and Science (1). [Most anime follows a two-genre system, though.]
  4. Studios Xebec, 1 P.A. Works, 1 ixtl, 1 Satelight, 1

    TYO Animations, 1 Sunrise, 1 Telecom Animation, 1 Shirogumi, 1 Arms, 1 feel., 1 Diomedea, 1 Seven Arcs, 1 Toei Animation, 1 A-1 Pictures, 1 Madhouse, 1 Studio Deen, 1 Studio Pierrot, 1 JC Staff, 2 Silver Link, 2 Douga Koubou, 2 Studio Gokumi, 2 AIC, 3
  5. Studios • The Busiest Studios this season are JC Staff

    (2), Silver Link (2), Douga Koubou (2), Studio Gokumi (2, one of which is a collab) and AIC (ASTA, Classic / Premiere and Build are subsets of the company, so it is counted as 3 new creations). • Most studios are doing either 1 new work or 1 collaboration work. • Excluded from this list are the recurring anime (i.e. Fairy Tail does not count as A-1’s new creation).
  6. Media / Channels Channels that will air New / Recurring

    Anime TV Tokyo (TX) TV Kanagawa (tvk) AT-X Tokyo MX (MX) Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) Fuji TV (CX)
  7. Media / Channels • TV Tokyo is still the king

    (6 new, 1 recurring). • tvk and AT-X has 4 new series to air. • MX has 3 new and 1 recurring to air. • CX, for its noitaminA block, have 2 new to air. • TBS has 2 new series to air. • ytv has 1 new and 1 recurring series to air. • Both NHK and NND have only 1 series to air.
  8. Seiyuus • In 71 notable seiyuus [2] – Three of

    them are busiest (Fukuyama Jun, Mamiko Noto and Sakurai Takahiro) with 5 roles. – Four of them (Hanazawa Kana, Ohara Sayaka, Sawashiro Miyuki and Hikasa Youko) have 4 roles. – Seven of them have three roles (Ishihara Kaori, Nakamura Yuuichi, Ono Daisuke, Shimono Hiro, Taketatsu Ayana, Hidaka Rina and Nakata Jouji). – Eighteen of them have 2 roles. (including Takagaki Ayahi, Yuuki Aoi, Katou Emiri, Toyosaki Aki, Endou Aya, Kanemoto Hisako and Nakahara Mai [of which has two leads]) – The rest (31+) have only one role to play.
  9. Dates / Times • Most anime series will start to

    air by 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th of July. • Most anime series will air around late nights (as they usually do). • Estetica and Boku-H will air earlier than the others.
  10. Notes • [1] As classified by Random Curiosity. • [2]

    As stated by either RandomC or hashihime. Please take note that the list was too long it did not fit the chart.
  11. Notes • This data was gathered from two sources, namely

    Random Curiosity (http://randomc.net) and hashihime (http://hashihime.blogspot.com). • Send a message to [email protected] if you have inquiries.