Why I Added a Whole E-Commerce System to my LMS

Why I Added a Whole E-Commerce System to my LMS

LearnDash is an excellent solution for adding a Learning Management System to WordPress, and had payment processing to boot. So why did I choose to add WooCommerce? In this talk, I’ll go over my reasoning for adding WooCommerce to LearnDash and the tools and plugins I use to take my online courses to the next level.


Joe Casabona

June 30, 2018


  1. @jcasabona Why I Added a Whole E-Commerce System to my

    LMS LearnDash + WooCommerce casabona.org/wcgr18
  2. @jcasabona @jcasabona

  3. @jcasabona @jcasabona “New” Tools for Animation • Metronome for Synchronized

    Sound* • Multiplane Camera • Technicolor • Computer Animation * src: https://joec.casa/wcgr1
  4. None
  5. @jcasabona Walt Disney didn’t settle for the tools he had.

  6. @jcasabona @jcasabona What is Creator Courses? • I started selling

    online courses 3 years ago • This year I revamped the business and turned it into Creator Courses • Over that time I switched back and forth between “should I use e-commerce as well, or not?”
  7. @jcasabona @jcasabona Powered by LearnDash • Fully featured LMS that

    worked on top of WordPress • It does everything I need to create engaging online courses • It also does everything I need to sell online courses
  8. @jcasabona So why add an E-Commerce Component?

  9. @jcasabona @jcasabona I Wanted More • LearnDash gives me the

    ability to sell courses • I want the ability to understand and better sell to my customers
  10. @jcasabona –Chris Lema Understand your customer’s intent.

  11. @jcasabona What can an E-Commerce Component Give Me?

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  13. @jcasabona @jcasabona Why I Use WooCommerce • It’s Free •

    It works with LearnDash • It allows for new features in the future (like Memberships) • Deep extensions with other products*
  14. @jcasabona @jcasabona Added Features • Related Products & Upsells •

    Other Products Besides Courses • Coupons
  15. @jcasabona @jcasabona Tools for E-Commerce • Better Stats - Metorik

    • Abandoned Cart Emails - Jilt • Affiliate Program - AffiliateWP • Link to ConvertKit - ConvertKit
  16. Metorik

  17. Jilt

  18. AffiliateWP

  19. ConvertKit

  20. @jcasabona Putting it all Together

  21. @jcasabona @jcasabona How I Do It • Enable Jilt, Metorik,

    and AWP • Create the Course • Create the Product • Connect Them • Set up CK to tag students who look at, buy, and complete course
  22. @jcasabona This allows me to track intent, and actions.

  23. @jcasabona casabona.org/wcgr18 Educator, Developer, Podcaster @jcasabona | casabona.org Joe Casabona