It's Not Your Father's Web Anymore // DrupalCamp Montreal

D83926c323d4f9289f947b4b4e76b939?s=47 Jen Simmons
September 16, 2011

It's Not Your Father's Web Anymore // DrupalCamp Montreal

Presented as the keynote at DrupalCamp Montreal 2011.

For the last twenty years, we have been creating websites from inside of a certain set of constraints — inside the limits of the technology that runs the web. We became so used to those constraints, we stopped thinking about them. But HTML5 changes many of these limits. The new HTML specs define a lot more than markup — there's a lot about databases, communication protocols, and how websites & browsers talk to each other. Radical stuff. It will redefine the creature formerly-known as the "web page". Jen Simmons will walk us through the new possibilities created by HTML5’s APIs. Don't just wait around to see how other people implement these technologies. Learn about HTML5 APIs yourself, and envision the web of the future.


Jen Simmons

September 16, 2011