Bringing Medical imaging data to life

Bringing Medical imaging data to life

Presented at PyData Bratislava Meetup

Event description: Join us on a journey into our own hearts through the images and data. Come to discuss artificial intelligence, healthcare, computer vision, and Python. This meetup is a sequel of my PyCon SK 2017 talk from two weeks ago.

Today, we are acquiring more health data about ourselves than ever before. Many of us are already using apps and devices that record our physical activity, weight, diet, mood, heart rate, blood pressure, or sleep.

In addition to that, medical imaging techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT), are giving us insights into our bodies with unprecedented detail. Yet, only few of us can interpret them (Remember the last time you saw your X-Ray?)

At KardioMe we build tools assisting radiologists and cardiologists to be more efficient with image analysis, tools that will empower all of us to better understand our health data and take better control of it.

In the talk we will explore how we use machine learning and image processing to extract meaningful image descriptions of our hearts. How machine learning helps us to organise and navigate through large scale (medical) image collections for visualisation.

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Jan Margeta

March 27, 2017