How to Lose an iOS Developer in 10 Days

Ff90de2297b7e3136fa3c4a971b0b1c5?s=47 Josh Johnson
August 19, 2015

How to Lose an iOS Developer in 10 Days

From 360|iDev 2015 in Denver.

Are you leading a team of iOS developers? How do you find them? What about your team makes them want to be there? What makes them stay there?

Are you an iOS developer looking for a great place to work? What do you look for? What makes you decide to stay there?

This talk will cover all these questions by talking about things you shouldn’t do. How do you make an environment that drives iOS Developers away? What are the traits that lead to horrible workplaces? In talking about building a horrible environment for iOS developers, this session show what actually makes a great environment.


Josh Johnson

August 19, 2015