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Clean Bill of HealthKit

Clean Bill of HealthKit

An overview of HealthKit delivered at 360|iDev Min in Greenville, SC on October 7, 2014

Josh Johnson

October 07, 2014

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  1. Clean bill of HealthKit Making the most of health data

    Josh Johnson | Two Toasters | @jnjosh
  2. HKObjectType HKQuantityType *stepType = [HKObjectType quantityTypeForIdentifier:HKQuantityTypeIdentifierStepCount]; NSSet *writeTypes = [NSSet

    setWithObject:stepType]; NSSet *readTypes = [NSSet setWithObject:stepType]; [self.healthStore requestAuthorizationToShareTypes:writeTypes readTypes:readTypes completion:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) { // Do something! }];
  3. HKQuantitySample HKQuantityType *stepQuantityType = [HKQuantityType quantityTypeForIdentifier:HKQuantityTypeIdentifierStepCount]; HKQuantity *stepQuantity = [HKQuantity

    quantityWithUnit:[HKUnit countUnit] doubleValue:stepCount]; HKQuantitySample *stepSample = [HKQuantitySample quantitySampleWithType:stepQuantityType quantity:stepQuantity startDate:someStartDate endDate:someEndDate];
  4. HKHealthStore — Querying HKQuantityType *stepQuantityType = [HKQuantityType quantityTypeForIdentifier:HKQuantityTypeIdentifierStepCount]; NSPredicate *appPredicate

    = [HKSampleQuery predicateForObjectsFromSource:[HKSource defaultSource]]; HKSampleQuery *stepQuery = [[HKSampleQuery alloc] initWithSampleType:stepQuantityType predicate:appPredicate limit:HKObjectQueryNoLimit sortDescriptors:nil resultsHandler:^(HKSampleQuery *query, NSArray *results, NSError *error) { // results will be delivered as HKSamples. In this case, HKQuantitySamples. // You should also handle that Error! }]; //…