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UC Haiti Presentation

May 13, 2012

UC Haiti Presentation

Presentation to the UCHI retreat in San Diego.


May 13, 2012

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  1. We Have, We Need the information network: haiti project Jon

    Wong @jnwng Wes Vetter Sunday, April 29, 12
  2. We’re building a service to connect humanitarians, first-responders, and NGOs

    on the ground in Haiti to facilitate the sharing of essential supplies. Sunday, April 29, 12
  3. SECURITY THROUGH ANONYMITY We provide a message routing service that

    protects the personal information of our users while still allowing them to communicate to one another Sunday, April 29, 12
  4. ACCESSIBILITY IS PARAMOUNT Information is available via the three main

    methods of communication: SMS, EMAIL, & WEB Sunday, April 29, 12
  5. TECHNOLOGY IS POWERFUL We want to find a way to

    use the daily volume changes of disease-specific medicines across regions to help predict outbreaks. Sunday, April 29, 12
  6. THE FUTURE IS TOMORROW We’re building our service with the

    future in mind. Our services uses new but tested technologies, and documentation and scalability are built right in. Sunday, April 29, 12
  7. SUSTAINABILITY & EDUCATION UCSD team + potential collaboration with UEH

    means we can reliably sustain the project on both ends. Sunday, April 29, 12