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Double your marketing output with AI

Double your marketing output with AI

Join us on an exciting journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to double your marketing output. In this eye-opening presentation, we will unveil how AI can revolutionize your marketing efforts, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences. Discover how AI-powered tools and technologies can automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and deliver personalized campaigns at scale. Unlock the potential of machine learning algorithms to uncover valuable insights, optimize targeting, and predict customer behavior. From chatbots to predictive analytics, we will delve into real-world examples and practical applications of AI in marketing. Get ready to harness the power of AI, boost your marketing effectiveness, and propel your business towards unprecedented growth and success. Embrace the future of marketing and witness how AI can be your secret weapon to double your marketing output

Katherine Watier Ong

June 07, 2023

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  1. Katherine Watier Ong • 18 years of online marketing experience

    (SEO, SEM, social media, web analytics) - 10 in nonprofits • Built and ran Ketchum PR’s online marketing and analytics team. • Voice Search Optimization speaker. • Wrote the first study on consumers’ adoption of wearable computers. • Host: Digital Marketing Victories Podcast
  2. Why I care about AI’s Impact Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on

    Unsplash 10+ years at nonprofits with no support staff: At WO Strategies, our goal is to get scientific answers into the hands of your customers.
  3. Agenda • Chatbots, AI + search • Impact of AI

    on marketing output • Limitations of AI tools • AI & SEO content • ChatGPT & other AI tools • Next steps for integrating AI into your workflow • Societal impact of AI • My thoughts on how this is changing SEO.
  4. Search Engines have been using AI for years… • Ray

    Kurzweil has been building a “brain” for Google ->Knowledge Graph • Entities are placed in relation to one another (ontology) & each entity has attributes • KG was built off existing databases (and schema) and is now improved with ongoing search queries. Announced May 16, 2012
  5. “We will know..what you’re interested in, not just the topic…[but]

    the specific questions and concerns you have.” I envision some years from now that the majority of search queries will be answered without you actually asking.” - 2013, Ray Kurzweil, Director of Google engineering Ray’s Computer Brain
  6. Google Also Understands Topics Knowledge Graph + new Topic Layer

    ...to deeply understand … how interests can develop over time as familiarity and expertise grow.” Source
  7. “Using the Topic Layer in the Knowledge Graph, Discover can

    predict your level of expertise on a topic and help you further develop those interests.” Higher CTR than search: 7-15% Based off a user’s browsing history, interests and Machine Learning. If the user has previously used engaged with your content, you have more of a chance of ranking… Image and video driven. Google Discover: Content without searching
  8. Bing search with AI chat (Sydney): Improves the accuracy and

    relevance of search results over time.
  9. Google search with AI chat (Bard): AIArt.fm: visualize Google's chatbot

    called Bard, which is a poet (or Shakespeare)
  10. Baidu AI ERNIE Bot will be available in March 2023.

    “Baidu search built upon Ernie bot -- incorporates generative AI into our search algorithm as well as content creation, and we are adding interactive features.” ArtAI.com: Sesame street's Ernie character powering AI for China's Baidu search engine
  11. YES

  12. Chat GPT Mirrors YOUR Intelligence Be careful if you’re looking

    to generate text that is at your target audience’s reading level.
  13. NO

  14. Google’s Content Guidelines re: AI content “If content is helpful

    & created for people first, that's not an issue…BUT our core systems look at many signals to reward content clearly demonstrating E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness)”. Google’s content guidelines
  15. Can a computer be an expert? Humans need to study

    a subject about 10,000 hours to become an expert. - Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The story of success, 2008 - K. Anderson Ericson et al. “The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of expert performance Psychological Review 100, no 3 (1993)” 369-406 h/t @Ecribouille
  16. ChatGPT prompt examples - learning Sample prompts: • “Can you

    explain [topic] in simple terms? • “I’m having trouble understanding [concept]. Can you help? • “What is the meaning of [technical term]”
  17. ChatGPT Prompt Examples Write as your target audience: “You are

    a talented analyst at a top-tier market research firm, a graduate of Harvard Business School. Coach me to create content that connects with C-level executives at B2B SaaS companies. What open-ended questions do I ask? Prioritize uncommon, expert advice.” Figure out audience pain points: “What are some common problems faced by motorists in the UK?”
  18. ChatGPT Prompt Examples Determine brand tone: Can you analyze the

    (script of this video or blog post, etc) for style, voice, and tone and generate 20 adjectives that best describe the tone of voice the writer is using. Here's the entire transcript for you to analyze: [transcript here] . Then great, now give me the 5 adjectives that best describe the tone of voice. Write/ Rewrite your copy in the brand voice: Using NLP, create a prompt to write a new [article/post] in that same style, voice and tone. OR Here's my LinkedIn "about" section. Could you rewrite it completely, keeping the information in the current version but using a copywriting style that resembles the copy I pasted here above from the website.
  19. ChatGPT Prompt Examples White papers: “Create an outline for a

    white paper on digital transformation in finance targeted at VPs and CFOs. Emphasize the value of real-time data visualization, process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.” Improving landing pages: “Provide a list of semantically relevant topics that are missing from this” and below that paste the existing article?” Improving overall site content: Here's the titles of the blog posts we have published related to X content. What content is missing?
  20. ChatGPT Prompt Examples Webinar email: “Please create an email invite

    and three social posts to promote a webinar on [date] about [topic] with [presenters].” Cold outreach email: “Please write a cold outreach email. I want to book calls with X and offer them X.” Drip Sequence: “Create an example of an 4-email drip sequence based on the provided copy: [add intro article to organization/business, blog post, etc].”
  21. Fundraising Email Example Subject: Help us provide fresh produce to

    families in need this March Dear [Donor's Name], I hope this email finds you well. I'm writing to ask for your support for the Come Spring Food Pantry, which provides food assistance to families in need in Union, Appleton, Washington, Searsmont, Warren, Hope, and South Hope. As you may know, March is a challenging time for food pantries like ours because donations of fresh produce from local farms are limited. This is why we're reaching out to you for help. With your donation, we can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement our pantry's stock and provide our clients with the nutritious food they need to stay healthy and strong. Your support means a lot to us and the families we serve. Every donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference. Just $10 can buy a box of fresh produce to feed a family for a week. Here's how you can donate: • Visit our website at [insert website link] to make a secure online donation • Mail a check payable to Come Spring Food Pantry to [insert address] • Drop off your donation in person during our open hours: [insert open hours] Thank you for considering our request. Your generosity will help us provide fresh, healthy food to our community members in need.
  22. Tool: MidJourney (prompt: with AIPRM) Microsoft cybersecurity for small businesses,

    A bird's eye view of a small business office with employees working on their computers, Network diagrams and charts displayed on their monitors, The atmosphere is calm and professional, Illustration using digital software, with a clean and minimalist style
  23. ChatGPT Prompt Examples Get help QA’ing your code: “Please audit

    my code and identify any errors. Can you help me write a function in Python that does x? I'm having trouble with this section of my code. Can you take a look and tell me what is going wrong?” Generate schema.org markup: “Generate the FAQPage Schema markup for the following questions and answers:…
  24. ChatGPT Prompt Examples Generate XML sitemap: “Create a valid XML

    site map that includes the following URLs: [then paste each URL]” Modify robots.txt file “Create a robots.txt file that blocks Bing from crawling the /assets/ directory, but allows crawling the /assets/javascript/ directory.”
  25. ChatGPT Prompt Examples New topics to cover: “Here are my

    current episode titles for the podcast that is focused on [x] and is targeted to [x audience], what other content would you recommend we cover? Write episode titles and descriptions. “Please write episode titles for [topic]? Write interview questions. “What are 10 questions that I should ask an [x] expert for a podcast focused on [x].
  26. ChatGPT Prompt Examples Create a social media calendar: “Create the

    Q2 content plan for [organization]. Include topics for five social posts per week, one blog per week, one video every four weeks, and one white paper every eight weeks. Detail the plan by week. Highlight general brand info, our annual conference, {x} an {y}.” Create posts for specific platforms: “Create a LinkedIn post to promote this blog post [followed by blog text].” Repurpose content: “Here's is my blog post, can you create social media posts to promote it for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with the appropriate hashtags?”
  27. Repurposing Content Twitter: Improve your association or academic journal's online

    visibility with #SEO. With a strong technical foundation, great content, and a great user experience, you can increase your online footprint and reach. Don't miss out on potential members and contributors! #AcademicSEO #AssociationSEO LinkedIn: As an association or academic journal, you want to ensure that your content is easily discoverable by your target audience. That's where SEO comes in. With a solid technical foundation, well-written content, and a great user experience, you can increase your online visibility and reach. Don't miss out on potential members and contributors! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your SEO. #AcademicSEO #AssociationSEO #TechnicalSEO
  28. Integrating AI into your organization Prepare your team: • State

    your goals for using AI • Remind of flaws and limitations • Have staff share regularly learnings about what does and doesn’t work. • Provide your staff with the team the tools and resources to get the most out of AI. (Training programs, software, and conferences). Establish policies: • Create a framework for when to use AI vs people. • Set that all content should be human reviewed Stay up to date • Learn about the latest advancements in generative AI and how they can benefit your marketing efforts.
  29. Risks & Testing Know your risks: • Identify where the

    risk lies within integrating AI with your data and take steps to mitigate it. Testing: • Conduct A/B tests of human vs. AI work to understand where the technology excels and where it falls short. • Use the insights to make informed decisions about how to best to use AI in your marketing strategy.
  30. For Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels: “Almost 80% of people

    Urman surveyed deemed these features accurate, and around 70% thought they were objective.” -Aleksandra Urman, a computational social scientist at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. “....it might have major implications if the language model misfires, hallucinates or spreads misinformation,” Search & Trust:
  31. AI’s Carbon Impact • Training a single AI system can

    emit over 250,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. • The use of AI technology across all sectors produces carbon dioxide emissions at a level comparable to the aviation industry. • Merging AI with search engine queries will create a 5X increase in the computing power necessary.
  32. User Research is still essential to SEO success • Understanding

    your target audience’s language is critical to SEO & the chatbot future. • Human expertise will still matter. • Brands should create engaging content that helps solve user’s problems with AI and personalization in mind. • All brands should prioritize an organic discovery strategy & then convert them to your list - because organic search options will decrease even further.
  33. What We Learned Today: • How AI has been &

    is being used in organic search discovery • Use cases for using AI in marketing activities • How to safely use AI in your SEO work • Limitations of AI tools • Chaos AI might cause for society • Next steps for training & tools
  34. Additional Resources • Grab the List of 130+ AI marketing

    tools and Chat GPT marketing prompts here: https://wostrategies.com/ai-marketing-tools/ • Need to know if content provided to you is AI generated? Use this writer.com/ai-content-detector or gptzero.me • Do you have ChatGPT prompts that you love? Send me an email at [email protected]