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Passive Aggressive No More: Using Tech to Improve Communication in Relationships

February 26, 2013

Passive Aggressive No More: Using Tech to Improve Communication in Relationships


February 26, 2013

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  1. POV A couple needs to acquire the ability to recognize,

    resolve and reconcile the irritants that exist in their relationship because such irritants can escalate into major relationship problems. Kamakshi Duvvuru Hsiaolin Hsieh Attila Mong
  2. newly-wed Interviews with potential user group (Young couples who use

    technology frequently) 20+ long-distance relationship It's hard to find the right time to talk about the problems. 30+ It is sometimes easier to settle conflicts through text messaging. long-term relationship, living together 20+ a new relationship When we only do things that he wants to do, I get mad at him and become really quiet, until he asks me what's wrong. 30+ Both dealing and not dealing with irritants are stressful.
  3. 3 non-obvious insights • Finding the right time to confront

    one's partner about a conflict is a very crucial and difficult part of resolving relationship problems. • It is easier to notice the irritants than recognize the improvements in your partner. (the always & never issue) • Communication via technology allows the couple to resolve conflicts more rationally and objectively
  4. Recognize an irritant Confront? Y N Immediately? Doubt Misunderstanding Later?

    Anger Depression Stress of deciding how/when Stress of confrontation Stress of repression