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Putting the "G" On the Spot: Gamification in Higher Ed

Putting the "G" On the Spot: Gamification in Higher Ed

Presented at Gamification Seminar 2019, UNIMAS. This brief talk shares some key issues in implementing gamification in higher education.

Chuah Kee Man

December 05, 2019

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  1. Putting the “G” on the Spot What drives gamification in

    higher ed? By Chuah Kee Man www.chuahkeeman.com
  2. 1 Word To Rule Them All In 10 seconds, provide

    1 word related to gamification that instantly comes into your mind. Repond via www.wooclap.com/CKM
  3. The “Sweet G-Obsessions” 01 02 03 Quizzes Kahoot! Quizziz, Quizlet,

    etc Group Tasks Discussion, Brainstorming, etc Rewards Points, Scores, Candy, Food, etc
  4. Achievements A child's greatest achievements are possible in play, achievements

    that tomorrow will become her basic level of real action. ~ Lev Vygotsky
  5. Boosts I don't know anyone who couldn't use a little

    boost in whatever they are doing ~Travis Bradberry
  6. Challenges Don’t sugarcoat non-funstuff. Find an interesting challenge, structure it

    well, test it, .. And snap the [learning] is a game! ~ Sebastian Deterding
  7. Dynamics The Stanford prison experiment came out of class exercises

    in which I encouraged students to understand the dynamics of prison life. ~Philip Zimbardo
  8. Excitements With time, many of the facts I learned were

    forgotten but I never lost the excitement of discovery. ~Paul Berg
  9. Frugal The power of frugal innovation is to create more

    values with less resources ~ Navi Radjou
  10. Games Games shouldn't only be fun. They should teach or

    spark an interest in other things. ~ Hideo Kojima
  11. Fun from games arises out of mastery. It arises out

    of comprehension. It is the act of solving puzzles that makes games fun. With games, learning is the drug. ~Raph Koster The Fundamentals of Gamification
  12. Gamification in a university course: course requirements course regulations assignments

    grades passing course game objectives game rules quests, challenges XP, points, special boosts winning the game